PoE Fall 2013 Pre-Survey
You are not being graded on the content of your answers*, but they are very important to the instructors.  Thank you for taking them seriously.

* unless they are both detailed and funny, in which case you get 5 awesome points**.  And possibly a prize.
** awesome points, while awesome, do not affect your grade.  But prizes are cool.
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What do you want to get out of this class? (PLEASE TAKE THIS QUESTION SERIOUSLY) *
Do you have specific things you want to build?  Skills you want to take away?  Questions you want to answer?
How would you describe your familiarity with microcontrollers and electronics? *
Still working on V=IR? Okay with breadboards but never used microcontrollers?  Happier dealing with nuts and bolts?
How would you describe your comfort with programming? *
Done it once?  MATLAB Whiz?  Written your own compiler?
How would you describe your comfort with building things / mechanically? *
Solidworks master?  Many a late night spent with the laser cutter?  Prefer bytes and volts?
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