Mysterium 2019 Panel Topic Submissions
We have a number of panels at Mysterium this year, and we'd love to get an idea of the topics you'd like to hear our panelists discuss! You can submit as many topics as you like, and you don't have to submit topics for every panel if you don't want.

As a reminder, you can view the whole schedule here:
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From A to Zed
A panel all about Zed, the recent game from Chuck Carter's Eagre Games and Cyan Ventures. Ask anything you want about the development, inspiration, future plans, etc.
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Tales from the Devs
A panel involving all of our special guests, in addition to members from Cyan. This will include, but isn't limited to, fun or interesting stories from the development of various Myst games. You can ask anything you like related to Cyan's games, other work by our panelists, general game development topics, etc.
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Soundscapes Beyond Myst
A panel featuring all of our audio-related special guests. This will be focused on audio in games and other media. You can ask about the creative process, specific audio from their works, etc
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Evolution of the Myst Community
A panel looking back at the history of the Myst community and Mysterium itself, featuring various community managers and members from years past and present. Ask anything you like about the history of the community, or about where it might go in the future.
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