Script Editor, Crash Course
Most people think it's easy to edit other people's words, but it takes immense skill and nuance to build a narrative out of educational content. Not only do you need to make sure information is accurate, but also ensure it's engaging and easily pronounced. Crash Course is looking for a script editor who can help our audience engage in subjects like literature, history, geography or chemistry.

At Complexly, we make videos that help our audiences develop a nuanced and complex view of the world around us. Crash Course, one of our most renowned channels, invites students, teachers, and lifelong learners to understand subjects they might have had trouble with or are curious to learn more about.

As our script editor, you will help shape the narrative arc of Crash Course series, working closely with a writer and consultant on each subject. Editing can get personal pretty quickly and it's your responsibility to manage all expectations for the content development team. You must be able to keep deadlines, communicate with all other teams, and maintain or exceed the standard Crash Course has set for our series.

If you think you're up for the task, apply for this position asap!

More details on the position:
Job Title: Crash Course Script Editor
Status: Full-time, exempt
Reports to: Content Manager
Location: Missoula, MT or Indianapolis, IN, remote DOE

If you want to learn more about the work we do at Crash Course and Complexly, check out our website:
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