Social Activity Courses BEFORE
1) I am a *
2) My country is *
3) Is the amount of free time you have? *
4) How often do you have time to fulfill your interests, leisure or entertainment? *
5) Which of the following activities are you spending most of your spare time? *
6) What do you think is the term "social activity"? *
7) How do you rate your own social activity on a scale of 1 to 10? *
I'm not active at all
I'am very active
8) Have you participated in social activities courses? *
9) What social activity courses did you participate in? *
10) In what course would you like to attend? *
11) I think that social activities are: *
12) What do you expect from the course? *
13) Which of the following has the effect of influencing your social activity? *
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