Cellular Respiration Self-Check
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The matrix, where the Krebs cycle takes place, is labeled number *
The inner membrane, where the electron transport chain takes place, is labeled number *
The infoldings (3) of the mitochondria are called *
Which of these represents the net equation for complete aerobic respiration? *
Use the image to answer the following questions.
If CO2 leaves the system, where does it come from? *
The Electron Transport System (C) uses electrons to create ATP. Select the parts of cellular respiration that the electrons come from? *
Letter D is oxygen. What is it used for? *
Check all that are true. The process of glycolysis *
Check the statement(s) that is/are incorrect. *
How many ATPs come out of Glycolysis/Kreb's Cycle/Electron Transport Chain? *
A maximum of 38 molecules of ATP are produced from each glucose molecule as a result of *
If you want to do well, you have to know what goes in, what goes out, what gets cycled, where the processes occur, the # of ATP produced at each step, and the total # of ATPs produced in cellular respiration. (SO EASY!)
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