Cellular Respiration Self-Check
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The matrix, where the Krebs cycle takes place, is labeled number
The inner membrane, where the electron transport chain takes place, is labeled number
The infoldings (3) of the mitochondria are called
Which of these represents the net equation for complete aerobic respiration?
Use the image to answer the following questions.
If CO2 leaves the system, where does it come from?
The Electron Transport System (C) uses electrons to create ATP. Select the parts of cellular respiration that the electrons come from?
Letter D is oxygen. What is it used for?
Check all that are true. The process of glycolysis
Check the statement(s) that is/are incorrect.
How many ATPs come out of Glycolysis/Kreb's Cycle/Electron Transport Chain?
A maximum of 38 molecules of ATP are produced from each glucose molecule as a result of
If you want to do well, you have to know what goes in, what goes out, what gets cycled, where the processes occur, the # of ATP produced at each step, and the total # of ATPs produced in cellular respiration. (SO EASY!)
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