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Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Kristina and I am the mom who runs the Toddler Approved blog and FB page.

I love helping parents when I can and think we have an awesome community filled with wonderful resources (me & you!).

If you have a question you'd like posted on our FB page here are some things to note...

1. Keep your question SHORT & SIMPLE. Long posts won't be shared.

2. Please make sure your question is well-written and free from typos (if I have to edit it a lot it won't get posted).

3. Not all questions will be shared on FB and I will be unable to email you to tell you if/when your question is posted. Watch the wall.

4. If you'd like your question answered sooner, post it on our FB wall. Many are answered there, though not all.

5. Questions must be related to kids ages 0-6.

6. Questions are answered in several ways- either as a direct post on our wall as a "reader question," as a link that is shared if I find a good resource to answer your question, or I may email you directly.

You can find some of our favorite parenting resources here on our Parenting Pinterest Board:

Come join our Toddler Approved Positive Parenting FB group to chat with me about parenting more often:
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