Cozad Community Needs Survey
Cozad, Nebraska
July 1-August 19 2021
This survey is being conducted by the Wilson Public Library as part of the Strategic Planning Process required for Library Accreditation by the Nebraska Library Commission, but this survey also includes questions about Cozad as a community. It is open to all residents, age 10 and over, with a Cozad address.

A community needs survey collects the thoughts and opinions of participating residents with regard to what our town (as well as our library) needs in order to thrive. Since not all Cozadians have the same needs, interests, and priorities, this helps to show the greatest needs and highest priorities. The Wilson Public Library will use the data to determine how to best focus our resources and efforts, to assess the success of previously implemented programs, and to decide what new projects to pursue.

If enough responses are recorded, this survey may be shared and used by the Cozad Development Corporation, City of Cozad, Charitable Fund of Cozad, Cozad Chamber of Commerce, and Cozad Community Health System, to influence their short-and long-term action plans to meet the needs of our citizens. Some of the questions come from things these organizations would like to see answered. Our last community needs survey gave critical data to the Cozad Development Corporation and had an impact on securing funding specifically for the new movie theater which opened this year as well as other community projects.

Thank you for your help. This survey will remain live until August 19, 2021

Individual answers will remain anonymous.
Which are your primary reasons for visiting the library? (Please check all that apply.) *
The library's physical facilities meet my needs. *
What library facilities would you like to see offered that are not presently available?
The library's available technology meets my needs. *
What technology not currently available at the library would you like to see us carry?
I find the materials offered through the library are varied and balanced. *
What other materials would you like to see the library offer?
I find the programs offered through the library to be interesting and relevant. *
For what types of programs would you be willing to come to the library? *
What form of communication do you prefer to be notified of library programming? (Check all that apply) *
What does the library do well? *
What could the library make available, change, or add for you to use it (or use it more)? *
I would recommend Wilson Public Library to my neighbors. *
Priorities: In light of COVID-19, what would you say is the most critical issue facing Cozad today? *
A high quality of life contributes to the future success of Cozad. How satisfied are you living in Cozad? *
Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
What do you like most about living in Cozad? *
Over the last 5 years, do you believe Cozad’s quality of life has improved? *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
I feel safe living in Cozad. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
What does Cozad most need to improve? *
What community facilities have you utilized for events in Cozad in the last two years? *
Is there a need for a designated event center in Cozad? *
No need
High need
If there were a designated event center in Cozad, how would you use it? (Check all that apply) *
What else would you like to add about Cozad's community needs?
What is your age range? *
If you would be willing to meet in a focus group to go more in-depth about community & library needs, please fill in your name and a phone number so that we can reach you.
What evening(s) during the week would be the most convenient for you to attend public meetings to gather input for Wilson Public Library's Community Needs Response Plan? (Check all that apply)
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