24 Under 24 Leaders and Innovators in STEAM and Space 2020 Awards Nomination Form
The Mars Generation is now accepting nominations for the Class of 2020 TMG Leaders and Innovators in STEAM and Space Awards. Students must nominate themselves.

Nominations will be accepted through November 1, 2019.

Requirements for the nominees include:

***Nominee must be under 24 years of age as of January 1, 2020.
***Nominees must be signed up for the FREE TMG Student Space Ambassador Leadership program. You can sign up here: https://www.themarsgeneration.org/programs/student-space-ambassador/
***Nominee must be involved in any project or work within STEAM and/or space. This includes but is not limited to outreach work to excite other students, publishing papers, speaking, research, competitions, inventions, innovation--projects that underscore leadership in STEAM and/or space exploration.

Nominee can be from anywhere in the world.

We encourage students from all discipline areas of study, work, and focus to consider nominating themselves. From traditional science, engineering and math interest areas to arts such as writing, directing, producing, art and more. STEAM exists in many areas.

Please submit only 1 nomination form.

For more information about the awards please go to: https://www.themarsgeneration.org/steam-space-awards

Nominations for the Class of 2020 are due by November 1, 2019.

A note for our applicants: we do not seek outside information about your nomination for initial rounds of judging. Please provide as much relevant information as you can to help us understand why you believe you are a solid candidate.

Before you start:
It will take roughly 1 to 2 hours to write and submit a complete nomination. It is advised that you review the form, then work offline to collect your responses and return here to submit the nomination. This form must be completed by the student who is nominating themselves. We do not accept 3rd party nominators for this award.

This is a highly competitive award. Please take your time and submit as much information as you can. Clear concise writing will help your nomination.

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