Opinions Concerning Driverless Car for Police
Present survey to know public opinion concerning driverless car and possible use for Police activity
Had you ever heard of autonomous and/or self-driving vehicles? *
What is your general opinion regarding autonomous and/or self-driving vehicles? *
Have you ever used a driverless car? *
Which is your main concern about the use of driverless car? (multiple answers are admitted) *
If driverless cars became part of the Police fleet, you would feel (only one answer is admitted):
There are several different levels of autonomous-vehicle technology. Which one do you prefer became part of the Police fleet? *
If the Police included in the fleet driverless car belonging to Level 4, it would be more useful for? (multiple answers are admitted). *
Are you a Police officer? *
Have you ever used a driverless car in your Police activity? (only for police officers)
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