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Thank you for your interest in becoming an editor for the East Kingdom Gazette! Please fill out this form, and a member of our editorial staff will contact you!

For the past eight years, East Kingdom Gazette has been the original independent and unofficial source of East Kingdom news. We are run by a small crew of volunteer editors who work hard to make sure the news gets published in a timely manner, and to help spread the word about all the amazing things that happen in the East Kingdom.
Modern Name
SCA Name, with Titles if applicable
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Applicant Requirements
Applicants will need to be comfortable using WordPress and be able to access our Gmail email account. Being able to regularly check SCA social media accounts, including Facebook, is also extremely helpful.

We are passionate about making sure the beauty and diversity of the width and breadth of the East Kingdom is represented in our staff. We are particularly looking for applicants from Tir Mara, and people who can make sure a wide variety of voices are represented.

To be successful in this volunteer role you should be reliable, and able to take initiative to post articles and use good judgement about what is appropriate content for the Gazette, and be able to give the Gazette regular attention on the days you’re scheduled as editor. You’ll be working with a great team and will have the opportunity to virtually meet a lot of new people.
Are you willing and able to fulfill these requirements?
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Gazette Editor Expectations
Responsibilities are as follows:
– Be available to be scheduled 1 – 2 days per month (according to your availability) as editor of the day
– On scheduled days, be able to check the Gazette email, as well as relevant social media channels, multiple times throughout the day for updates and news.
– Be able and available to publish news items on our WordPress site in a timely manner throughout the day
– Be comfortable communicating with other editors, as well as reaching out to local and Kingdom officers via email with questions and updates
– Be interested and curious about what is going on in the East and the SCA, and be enthusiastic about sharing that info. We’re looking for people who see information published who can say “Oh! We should make sure that’s shared in the Gazette!”
-If you are taking on an Editorial Expert Role, seek out and publish articles in your interest area
Are you willing and able to fulfil the expectations listed above?
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Why are you interested in becoming an editor?
What qualifications, interests, and/or experience will you bring to the role?
Anything else we should know about you? If you have a wiki, we would love for you to link it here!
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