Kubed Root - Pilot Program Registration
Deadline: February 10, 2020
Event Address: 33 Pannell St. #1 Buffalo, NY 14214
Contact us at (716) 427-3170 or info@KubedRoot.com

Indoor Farm Incubator pilot/beta testing program.

Due to space restrictions we can only currently accept 3 participants.

The pilot program will cost $30 (includes: 3 month training, grow space, access to cold storage, processing station, access to markets.)

NOTE: demographic questions are voluntary (failure to answer is NOT grounds for exclusion) and only used to understand the market.
NOTE 2: A random selection using your IDENTIFIER will be broadcast live on (FB & INSTA) TBD. We will notify you the day before and the day of.
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Pilot Program Details

You are about to embark on the most exciting and revolutionary journey in what will be the disruption of Agriculture as we know it.
Kubed Root is conducting a short 3 month pilot program to create a co-working space for Indoor Urban Farming. Our mission is to make Indoor farming affordable and accessible to everyone. We aim to do this by creating a facility which will provide all of your indoor farming/ hydroponic needs in predetermined spaces. Think of multiple tiny greenhouses in a warehouse shielded from pest, weather and vandals.

We want everyone to be able to become self sustaining farmers capable of feeding themselves or the community and able to make a profit from their produce, if they so choose.  

Kubed Root hopes to change the world for the better and you can be a part of shaping that vision.

Thank you and lettuce grow together.

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