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With the demand for mental health services increasing in the local LGBTQ community, PLUHO, People Like Us Hang Out! is running the BlueBird project to connect persons in need with professional support that is tailored to their identities and financial capabilities.

To help us compile a list of potential therapists for you, please answer the following questions so we understand your situation better. The first section asks some basic contact info, the second section asks about your mental health needs. Skip any question that you don't know how to answer or don't feel like answering.

* Important Note: If you are dealing with thoughts or feelings of harming yourself or others, we would advise that you go to the emergency (A&E) department of a general hospital, ask to see a psychiatrist and tell them your situation. The psychiatrist will assess your situations and needs, and assist you accordingly. Hospital emergency staff are generally equipped to deal with this.

* PLUHO as an organisation is dedicated to supporting LGBTQ people through community-building, empowerment and services. Our closed FB group is an online community space for LGBTQ-related discussions. Join us here:

* As this is a brand-new service, there may be a delay in our response to you - please allow us up to a week to get back to you. We appreciate your understanding on this. Besides this form, you can also reach the BlueBird team at
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