Call for Proposals
2019 SPE Joint Southwest/West Chapter Conference at Santa Clara University

Objective: To provide opportunities for students, educators, scholars, and professionals to present their work at the 2019 "All-Inclusive: Photography for Social Justice" SPE Joint SW/W Chapter Conference, to be held November 1–3, 2019 at Santa Clara University.

Presentation Criteria: Although encouraged, topics are not limited to the theme and may include image-making, history, contemporary theory and criticism, multidisciplinary approaches, new technologies, effects of media and culture, teaching and learning strategies, educational issues, funding, demonstrations, and presentations of work in photography, film, video, performance, and installation.

Presentation Formats:
• Imagemaker Presentation: For showing your own work as an imagemaker. Each presentation
will be limited to 15 minutes to allow for as many presenters as possible.
• Scholar Presentation: For showing a historical topic, theory, or another artist’s/artists' work.
Each presentation will be limited to 15 minutes to allow for as many presenters as possible.
• Panel Presentation: For an active 45-minute long discussion among panelist (max 3),
moderator, and audience members on a specific topic.
• Roundtable Conversation: For a meaningful facilitated 45-minute conversation that involves
all participants of a small group of people (max 10) interested in talking about a specific
topic. In your proposal, please describe strategies you will use to involve ALL participants
equally in the conversation.
• Demonstration: For a hands-on demonstration or short workshop that incorporates group
participation (timing open to the needs of the proposal, please specify).

Collaborators: If your work is collaborative, we encourage you to present with your collaborator(s) if possible. If so, please complete this form only once for all the participants, choosing one main contact and indicating the collaborator(s) below.

Eligibility: All undergraduate and graduate students, educators, and professionals—whether or not they are SPE members—are eligible to submit proposals for consideration. If a non-member’s proposal is accepted, membership to SPE must be established before August 1, 2019 in order to confirm participation. Work that has already been presented at an SPE event in the last 2 years will not be considered. Priority will be given to those applicants who have not presented any work recently.

Awards: In the spirit of inclusivity, if your proposal is accepted and you would like to apply for discounted registration due to financial hardship, please request via email by September 1, 2019.

Evaluation Criteria: A peer review panel will review submissions. Awarded presenters will be notified no later than July 15, 2019. If awarded, you will need to return a Presenter Contract by August 1, 2019.

Terms: By submitting a proposal, you agree to be a presenter/speaker during the conference (November 1–3, 2019) if your proposal is awarded.

Please direct all questions to your Chapter's board:

For more information about the conference, please visit:


Deadline: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 11:59 PDT
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Relation to Theme
We strongly encourage submissions related to the theme of social justice. If applicable, please describe how your work fits the theme.
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If applicable, please indicate if you will be presenting with your collaborator(s). If so, please provide his/her/their full name(s), title(s)/position(s), educational affiliation(s), email address(es), and phone number(s).
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Presentation Format *
Imagemaker or Scholar Images (or Video or Audio Clips)
Provide a link to a gallery with images (or video or audio clips) for either the Imagemaker or the Scholar presentation format. If you are an SPE member, you can create a specific member gallery for this purpose. If you are not an SPE member, please provide a URL that links directly to the images (or video or audio clips) you would like the committee to consider.
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Proposal Summary *
A 250-word description of exactly what you are proposing to present, discuss, facilitate, or demonstrate. If you are presenting your own work, your proposal summary would be your artist statement.
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Additional Information
Provide additional information that you need to the committee to know, for example if you are proposing a hands-on demonstration or workshop, please specify your timing, facilities, and equipment needs as well as a proposed group size.
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Presentation History
List all SPE presentations you have given in the last 3 years, including presentation title(s) and conference(s).
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Bio *
A 50-word biographical summary.
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Honored Educator Nomination
While we have you here, please nominate an educator or mentor who has been instrumental in your formation as an artist, scholar, professional, etc. Please provide the person's name and a description of why you are nominating them. Please keep the following requirements in mind: the honored educator must be a full-career educator (15 years is generally seen as a minimum but not required), must have been a member of SPE in either the West or Southwest chapter, and must be nominated by a current member of SPE.
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