Critical Evaluation of a Content-Based Mobile App
This evaluation form is to be used when an iOS app (one for the iPod Touch, the iPhone, or the iPad) or any mobile app is intended to supply content to support teaching and learning.
Copyright 2012- Kathy Schrock. All rights reserved.
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Curriculum connection: Are the skills reinforced connected to targeted skill/concept?
Authenticity: Are skills practiced in an authentic format/problem-based environment?
Feedback: Is feedback specific and result in improved student performance?
Differentiation: Does the app offers flexibility to alter settings to meet student needs?
User friendliness: Can students can launch and navigate within the app independently?
Student motivation: Are students motivated to use the app and select it to use often?
Reporting: Is assessment/summary data available electronically to the student/teacher?
Sound: Does the music/sound in the app add to the educational aspects of the content?
Instructions: Are the instructions included helpful and the correct reading level for the student?
Support page: Does the app’s supporting Web page provide additional useful information?
Navigation: Does the app use the touchscreen effectively throughout its use?
Modalities: Are multiple versions of instructions such as text video, and audio, included?
What level(s) of Bloom's Taxonomy can this app be used to support?
What CCSS or state/local standard(s) can this app address?
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Using the data you have collected above, explain why you would or would not recommend this application for use in the classroom. Include any specific ideas you have for its use.
Why would (or would not) you recommend this application for use in the classroom?
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This critical evaluation form was adapted in 2012 by Kathy Schrock ( from Harry Walker's "Evaluation rubric for iPod/iPad".
Permission for classroom use granted.
A PDF version of this form, which may be filled in and saved locally, can be found here:
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