ANWCC 2021 Club Registration Submission
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2021 Club Registration Details
The annual fee for membership of the ANWCC is £25. Non-competitive Marshalling and Safety Rescue/Recovery clubs are granted free membership but must complete the online registration form herewith. Membership fee becomes due in September for the following calendar year, and will be invoiced to the Club Treasurer detailled on this submission.

Clubs applying as a new member of the ANWCC should complete the form and submit. Your treasurer will be sent an invoice (e-mail) and provisional acceptance. Formal acceptance will be completed at the next quarterly meeting of the Association.

Please use this form to advise of details required for our records – this information will be used for mailshots relating to ANWCC matters only. Issue of ANWCC minutes and other relevant information will be advised by e-Mail to all those officials who have supplied an e-Mail address. Minutes of Meetings can be downloaded from the website – Meetings page.

We respectfully ask ALL member clubs to complete the contact details below to ensure that we are sending important information to the correct official. Please do not put “as last time” as often we find that there have been changes, also please ensure e-mail addresses are correct. Thank you.
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... this will be included on our Member Clubs website page.
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It is noticeable that many of our member clubs either do not include a link to our website, or have the old website showing on their site. We respectfully ask that all member clubs include a link to our website on their club website. Please confirm that your site includes the correct info. Please tick box as appropriate.
Does your club have a public Facebook page? If so, please give the link.
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