Our Community's Experience with Covid-19
The Newtown Historical Society invites you to participate in creating a historical record of Newtown’s local experience dealing with the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Your contributions will be archived with those of other Newtowners and accessed in the future by scholars, townspeople, students and others who study and look back on this historic time in our modern life.

We have all been touched by COVID-19 in very different and personal ways.  Children and parents, seniors and students, merchants, highly educated professionals...all creatively finding new ways to work and play safely.  Every kind of individual and family has been forced to adopt new habits almost overnight.

Much of the story of COVID-19 will be about hardship and difficulty, but not all.  A complete record should reflect new work requirements and adaptations, pastimes, family time, entertainment, steps to protect from the virus, changes in the household and other personal observations describing how our lives have been affected by the pandemic.

Please join us in creating an archive that will chronicle our shared experience with COVID-19.  Your contribution, however large or small, is historically significant and will provide a rare opportunity to touch the future.

Enter your observations in the form below.  Don’t be concerned about style or grammar because the facts are what matter.  

Guardians: All children under the age of 18 require consent to participate, so please send an email to NewtownHistoryCovid@gmail.com confirming permission to document their responses under their first name, age, and zip code.
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Do you have any direct experience with Covid-19?
What are your biggest concerns or worries? (Consider mental, physical, emotional, school, work and/or financial issues.)
How are you living differently day-to-day? (Consider your habits, school, work and/or your relationships.)
Do you have more free time?  If so, what are you doing during your free time?  Is this something new that you are just now learning/exploring?
If you are a student, what is the best part of distance learning?  What is the hardest part?
How are you connecting with family, friends, classmates, and/or coworkers?
Do you think Covid-19 will have a permanent impact on your life or our community?  How?
Do you feel Covid-19 has positively impacted you or the community? (IE volunteerism, more family time, appreciating nature, etc.)
Do you feel Covid-19 has negatively impacted you or the community?  If so, how?
Where or who are you turning to for information and news?
What is something you want to do right now, but can't?  What will you do when you are able to again?
Is there anything else you would like to share about how Covid-19 has impacted your life?
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.  Please come back to this questionnaire and fill it out as often as you would like.  Your responses may change as your experiences change.  We appreciate you taking the time to help us document our community's history with YOUR memories.                        
Questions?    Please email NewtownHistoryCovid@gmail.com
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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