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Are you a musician AND a scientist? Whether you're an amateur or a pro in either field, we'd love to hear about your combined interest in both music and science. If you'd like to see your photo (and maybe even your music!) featured on the MusiSci social accounts and newsletter, please fill in this form and answer the interview questions.
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If we feature you, this name will be included in your interview. It can either be your real name, or your artist name, or both.
What type of musician are you? (See examples) *
Examples: singer, guitar player, oboist, music teacher, etc. This will be included after your name in the interview if we feature you. (Example: "Jane Doe, clarinettist and geologist")
What type of scientist are you? (See examples) *
Examples: phycisist, zoology student, high school chemistry teacher, citizen scientist, science writer, etc. This will be included after your name in the interview if we feature you. (Example: "John Doe, lead singer of Cool Band and high school chemistry teacher")
What's your email address?
If you're selected to be featured, we need to be able to get in touch in case we have questions or need your permission to crop a photo or alter your text. We won't make changes without your permission, but if something looks like a mistake or if your image isn't the correct format, we need a way to get in touch. We won't use your email for anything else. If you want to receive the musicians & scientists quarterly newsletter, there will be a separate link to register for that at the end of this form.
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