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The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Archives and Area Research Center collections strive to be a reflection of the Northeastern Wisconsin community that it serves. To accomplish that, we actively collect papers, records, photographs, and materials from local community members to document the history of our region. This means that we not only collect historical materials, but we also work to collect stories in response to current experiences of people to document today’s world for future generations.  
The ongoing public health crisis due to the spread of the Coronavirus impacts area individuals as much as the rest of the world. To document these challenging times, the UW-Green Bay Archives is asking you to share your stories and add your voice to the historical record.  
How has your family and work life changed? What precautions are you taking or not taking? How are you coping? Consider this a journal entry. We invite you to use this like a journaling activity, or for documentation purposes; it is up to you. Answer as many or as few questions as you would like—only four (short) questions are required for submitting. The other questions are presented as writing prompts to aid in reflection. We invite a variety of writers: those who like making lists and those who share in paragraphs to participate.  

We especially strive to gather all of the voices....essential workers, remote workers, educators, healthcare providers, the young and the old.
You do not have to identify yourself, it can be completely anonymous if you wish.
We understand that your ideas, thoughts, and opinions may change as things around the world and in our region change daily, so we want to give you the option to take the survey multiple times if you wish (just like a real journal!). We only ask that you please keep your chosen name consistent and unique so we can group your responses.  
Additionally (or alternatively), the Archives staff encourages you to keep diaries and journals during this time. Write letters to yourself. Take photos of your work space, your family activities, etc. Create documents that will last for the future. And later, you can consider donating a copy to the Archives.  
If you have questions, contact the Archives staff at
Thank you for contributing to our local history!

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Name  (note: if you think you may submit future responses, please pick something unique and answer this field consistently with the same name. This way the Archives staff can group your responses.)
Race or Ethnicity
Age *
Zip Code *
Who do you currently interact with daily? (Include individuals like family members, co-workers, etc.; Personal names should not be given in this response.)
How has your family life been affected?
If you have children, how has this experience impacted your relationship with them?                                             Has it been fun? Stressful? Rewarding? Hard? Please describe.
What is your occupation? (You may be as vague or as specific as you like.)
How has your work life changed?
Are you a student? How has your education changed?
What is your biggest concern or stressor right now?
How are you coping? What are things that help you cope?
What precautions are you taking to prevent the spread of the Cornoavirus?
If you have quarantined yourself and those in your household, what are some of the things you miss most during this time?
How would you describe the atmosphere in Northeastern Wisconsin right now?
What is something you want people in the future to know about your experience?
How do you think the United States will change after this experience?
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