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Welcome and thank you for volunteering your time. is a community full of amazing people, and we would like to find ways to utilize that resource to better our community and continue to build it up to new heights.

Without wonderful people like you, RJD would be nothing but an idea. It's because of every member's contribution, however great or small, that we can do what we do in our community. Over the last few years we've grown quite a bit, bringing on new members all the time. Every event and activity continues to become larger and better. Everything we do as a group helps us grow closer and stronger as a community, but it's become clear we've grown to a new level.

It is our great pleasure to introduce collaborative action Team Committees to our community of awesome creators. Our hope is that we can bring sub-groups of individuals that have similar interests together to continue to build up our organization so that we can do more for everyone involved. These Teams (referred to as committees in the form) will be responsible for planning and implementing initiatives with RJD.

It's people like you taking on an active role and being more involved in the development of RJD that will make it what it will become in the future. We've created a firm foundation in our current community. It's up to you to continue to lay the building blocks for whatever comes next. We know it's going to be something to be proud of!!

Please fill out the following form to the best of your ability. It's awesome if you have plenty of time to give, but don't worry if you can only do a little. If you want to be involved with more than one or even all of them, we're okay with that too. It would be best if you found a committee you know you'll be a great match for, but it's okay to try new things so don't worry about changing your mind later. Never know unless you try!! We can take things one step at a time. For now we'd just like to get things started.
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