Choral Ensembles Audition Information

If you are interested in singing in one of the Music Department's choral ensembles, you've come to the right place.

These audition sign-ups are for the following choral ensembles: Chamber Chorale, Memorial Church Choir, Symphonic Chorus, and University Singers. If you are interested in auditioning for the Early Music Singers only, contact the director, Professor William Mahrt, by email (, phone (650-723-0797), or visit him in Braun Music Center room 216.

We try to make auditions for choral ensembles here at Stanford as user-friendly as possible! Auditions consist of:

- Vocalizing (with piano) to determine range and evaluate tone and vowel formation
- Short melodic patterns we play that you will sing back to us (to check your pitch memory)
- Short rhythmic patterns we clap that you will clap back to us (to check your rhythmic memory)
- Vocally matching specific pitches in a chord (to check how you hear pitches within a multi-voice texture)
- A simple sight-singing example (if you are interested specifically in Chamber Chorale, we will ask you to do two sight singing examples, one simple and one more challenging).
- You sing something for us: either something you've prepared (it can be anything: aria, art song, folk song, hymn tune, musical theater number, etc.), or if you didn't bring anything prepared . . . well . . . do you know the words to "My Country 'Tis of Thee"?

Follow these three easy steps to audition:

1. Sign up for an audition time using this form. We encourage you not to procrastinate, as things always back up toward the afternoon of the final day of auditions. Sign up for an earlier time if possible.

2. Choral auditions take place in Braun Music Center room 120. Arrive for your audition a few minutes early and fill out the Choral Ensembles Audition Information form outside the door to the audition room. You only need to fill out the front side of the form. Bring this form in with you to your audition.

3. Wait outside room 120. We will call you when it's your turn.

We're pleased that you're interested in choral music here at Stanford and we look forward to seeing you at auditions!

Zero-Unit Enrollment: All Stanford students playing in Department of Music ensembles are required to register in Axess. If you are unable to enroll for units in a choral ensemble due to the unit limits of your major or advanced degree program, you should enroll in one of the the zero-unit version below. Request permission from your instructor to enroll.

Chamber Chorale: MUSIC 165Z
Early Music Singers: MUSIC 159Z
Memorial Church Choir: MUSIC 163Z
Symphonic Chorus: MUSIC 162Z
University Singers: MUSIC 167Z

Zero-unit courses appear on a student’s transcript.

For additional information, consult the Zero-Unit Enrollment page:

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Audition Scheduling Signup
Follow the link below to sign up on the Choral Ensembles Audition Signup Sheet. The link is also available on the confirmation page, which will appear after you submit this form. If you miss the link, you can always return to this form and access via the link pasted below:

Choral Ensembles Audition Signup Times:

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