2018-2019 Flood Mapping – Building Resilience in Our Communities Project Official Application Form
Instructions: Please provide all of the information below and hit submit. Any questions can be directed to floodmapping@whro.org or visit the FAQ at http://education.whro.org/kingtide/faq. Classes will be notified if they’ve been selected by October 1, 2018, at the latest, but please don’t wait. Awards are on a first-come, first-served basis and we will begin notifying participants as applications are received, starting today. The earlier you submit and are selected, the earlier you can begin planning. Preference will be given to classes in Title I schools. Selected classes will each receive $500.00 when each student completes and delivers all of the required tasks:
1) Quarterly measurements using the “Trouble Spots” feature in the free Sea Level Rise app. (Please note that students and teachers who wish to participate must have access to a smart phone/tablet with an active data plan. Wi-Fi devices will not work with the Sea Level Rise app.)
2) A presentation on one of the following topics (or a related topic of their choosing):
a) How Earth systems interactions produce weather,
b) Potential effects of climate change on Sea Level Rise,
c) Potential/existing impacts of high-water / flooding events on ecosystems,
d) Potential/existing impacts of high-water / flooding events on infrastructure and
the economy, or
e) Potential/existing impacts of the high-water / flooding events on flora and fauna.
3) Signed pledges to do their part to create a community that is resilient to the effects of flooding.
Please note that the official deadline for applying for stipends has passed but we still urge you to consider participating in the project by completing an official application below.
Schools can still apply to participate but NOT get the $500.00 stipend
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Flood Mapping – Building Resilience in Our Communities is made possible in part with funding from the Hampton Roads Community Foundation (http://www.hamptonroadscf.org) and the Batten Environmental Education Initiative (https://environment.whro.org).
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