SteelCon 2019 CFP
Same as last year, we are looking for cool talks and workshops to amaze and entertain our delightful audience.

We are interested in topics related to security and hacking in some way however they don’t have to be super technical, just interesting.

Talks slots are one hour so talks should be about fifty minutes to give time for switch overs. If you have a shorter talk you’d like to submit and have a good reason then submit and make it clear in the submission and we might make allowances.

Workshop slots can be between one and four hours and have to be suitable to be carried out in university rooms. You can specify how many people you are willing to take, the maximum is about 30. The last few years most workshops have filled up so we've asked presenters to run a second instance to get more people in, this is optional, just warning you the question may be asked.

Presenters will be picked by the management team and notified closer to the date.

Closing date for submissions is the 22th April 2019 and we will aim to let you know by the 29th.

Workshops will be ran during the day on Friday 12th July, talks will be Saturday 13th July.

Anyone selected will get full access to the conference weekend and will get a goody bag. Be aware though, we don't expect to be able to pay expenses, this may change but don't rely on it. We are also unlikely to have the time or skills to help with visa applications.

For more details see this blog post or if you have any questions please get in touch: .

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