XAOC Contemporary Ballet - Summer Intensive Workshop 2020 Application
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Dancers must be 16 years or older by August 17, 2020 to attend.
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Applicable for dancers 18+ only.
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I am willingly participating in XAOC Contemporary Ballet’s workshop/intensive/class/audition and understand that dance comes with an inherent risk of injury. I will not hold XAOC Contemporary Ballet, its dancers, director, staff, rented facilities, or any other related party liable for any injuries that may occur during the workshop/intensive/class/audition as a result of participation. I agree to fully, unconditionally, and completely release, forever discharge, indemnify and agrees to hold harmless, waive liability, discharge, and covenant not to bring any legal action against the Company or any of its affiliates from any and all claim, causes of action, damages, demands, liabilities, expenses or any other loss, whether direct or consequential, including attorneys’ fees and costs, whether now in existence or hereafter arising from any injury or similar to the myself.

I hereby give my consent to XAOC Contemporary Ballet to use my name and any form of dance-related media acquired during the workshop (video, photography, voice, etc.) for publication, advertising, marketing, promotional campaigns, etc. I understand that I will not be compensated by XAOC or a third party should XAOC decide to use these materials.

Ballet training requires each student to be able to completely participate in a full range of sustained, repetitive, vigorous physical activities including but not limited to quick movements, bending, twisting, running, leaping and lifting, which place extreme demands on the human body, including stress of joints and ligaments, repetitive impact, and occasional falls, slips and collisions with other participants and objects. I certify that I am physically capable of participating in ballet training.

I agree to conduct myself in a prepared and professional manner at all times and in a manner keeping with the company’s mission to use ballet as a vehicle to spread compassion, kindness, beauty, joy, and love in our world.

I certify that I am at least 16 years of age. I also understand that the XAOC Contemporary Ballet is not staffed to monitor and supervise the activities of its students at all times, and that the tuition schedule does not contemplate constant supervision.

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All participants must enter their signature below agreeing to the waiver above. Entering your name below as signature is a binding agreement between the participant and XAOC Contemporary Ballet.
Waiver: Parent/Guardian Signature
A parent/guardian must enter their signature below agreeing to the waiver above for all participants under the age of 18. Entering your name below as signature is a binding agreement between the participant, his/her parent/legal guardian and XAOC Contemporary Ballet.
Tuition for the XAOC Ballet Summer Intensive Workshop is $500.
Please click the link below to make payment securely via Paypal:

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds given, except in the case of injury sustained after the date of registration due to which the dancer is unable to dance. Supporting documentation must be provided by the dancer's physician. In such a case, a full refund will be given, less a $75 administrative fee.

Payment questions should be directed to info@xaocballet.org.
Please confirm you have made your tuition payment via the link above: *
We look forward to dancing with you this summer!
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