Off-road Survival Kit W/ Built-In PLB
This is a 5 question survey regarding five designs I have created as a possible solution to my design brief.

Design Brief:
I intend to design and develop a relatively cheap and convenient emergency offroad survival kit that includes the essentials that are imperative to a persons survival for the first 72 hours.

I also intend to design and develop an inbuilt Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) that is integrated into the emergency survival kit container/box. This therefore, ensures that the user can be found by emergency services regardless of their location.
Q1: Do you think aesthetics are important for a product like this, if so, which design do you find the most aesthetically pleasing? *
Q2: Do you think there is a genuine need for a product like this, if so, which design do you think would best fulfill this need? *
Q3: If these designs were commercially available, which of these designs would you look to purchase and why? *
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Q4: If you were looking to purchase an offroad survival kit similar to these designs, how much would you be prepared to spend? *
Q5: Do you have any suggestions, advice or feedback regarding aesthetics, functionality, etc, on these designs? *
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Thank you for completing my survey.
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