Oregon Beer Awards 2018 Beer Entry Registration

BEFORE you begin this form, please download and read the OBA Style Guidelines + Users' Manual here: bit.ly/OBA2017styleguides

Important Competition Details:
+ Limit ten (10) entries total per brewery.

+ $30-per-beer entry fee.

+ Your entry fee does not include a ticket to the awards in February. Tickets for the ceremony go on sale December 2017.

+ No single beer may be entered more than once or in multiple categories.

+ Breweries with multiple TTB-licensed brewing facilities may enter ten per site, with a maximum of 40 beers across any family or chain of breweries.

+ A brewer may enter a category with as many unique entries as she/he likes. (If you brew three stouts, you may enter three porters into the Stout category.)

+ Judges’ notes and audio recordings of the judging rounds will be provided for all entries, in March 2018 after the awards ceremony.

+ All beers entered into the competition must be produced on a fully-licensed commercial brewery with a TTB notice on file. Breweries-in-planning and home brewers are not eligible.

+Contract breweries may only enter beers through the entires allotted to a TTB-licensed brewing facility. (TTB wholesaler licenses do not count). For example, if "contract brewery Y" has a brand brewed on contract with brewery X, that brand may only be entered as one of ten entries allotted to Brewery X.

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    You will receive an email confirmation of this registration upon submission. Applications received after 11:59 p.m. on December 15, 2017 will not be considered for competition. Payment for all entries must also be received by this time. Beer delivery deadline is January 10, 2018.