GWIS National Fellowship Program Reviewer Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in serving as a grant reviewer for the Graduate Women In Science (GWIS) National Fellowship Program competition. Each year, the program evaluates and selects several exceptional women scientists. One of the most important components of the organization’s success in promoting innovative researchers has been the careful reviewer selection and application feedback guidance for further improvement.

Reviewer Evaluation and Selection Process, a Brief Overview:
If selected to participate, prospective reviewers will receive an official invitation in February. Each reviewer will review the criteria stated in the evaluation form and evaluate each application with specific regard to the discipline and the stage of graduate study. Reviewers will evaluate the following documents: the GWIS fellowships application form, abstract, project description (four pages), budget and justification, letter from host scientist (if applicable), and two letters of recommendation. On the evaluation form, each reviewer will assign a numerical score and provide comments designed to provide constructive feedback for strengthening the project. Reviewers will begin their evaluations in early March and must complete all evaluations no later than May 1st each year.

Please follow the link below to complete your application by January 15th. Forms submitted after that date will be held for future appointments.

Please direct any questions or comments to Thank you in advance for your time and commitment in advancing GWIS.

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