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Burkburnett Independent School District Student / Parent Device Use Agreement

Burkburnett ISD is excited to provide the opportunity for our students to take home or use in the classroom a digital device for learning. Please understand that prior to taking the learning device home or use in the classroom, students will be instructed and evaluated on proper use and care. A checkout form is attached outlining the cost if damaged, stolen, or lost. Students must follow the Burkburnett ISD Responsible Use Guidelines.  Students must pay a usage / technology protection plan for their Chromebook for an annual fee of $10 for BMS Chromebooks / $25 for BHS Chromebooks. These guidelines can be found on
Student Code of Conduct

1. Electronic files sent, received, viewed or stored anywhere in the computer system are available for review by any authorized Burkburnett ISD staff for any purpose.

2. Modifying or changing device settings and /or internal or external configurations without appropriate permission is prohibited.

3. Personal information such as, but not limited to, last name, home address, phone numbers, email addresses, or birth dates must not be placed on a device or shared online.

4. Using obscene, threatening or disrespectful language in any electronic communication tool is prohibited.

5. Disclaimer:  While BISD uses technology protection measures to limit access to material considered harmful or inappropriate to students, it may not be possible for the District to absolutely prevent such access. Despite our best efforts and beyond the limits of filtering technology, a student may run across some material that is objectionable. Burkburnett ISD has a 3-layer approach when students are using the Internet. The device is automatically routed through Burkburnett ISD’s filter for appropriate content which provides the first layer. The second layer is the monitoring of an adult, and the third layer is where the student should use their digital responsibility skills when using a device.

Responsible Use and Care

1. The device is to be treated as a valuable object. It should not be thrown, purposely dropped, or abused. It will never be placed on the roof or hood of a car, on the sidewalk or street, or imperiled in any way that may cause it to be crushed or thrown to the ground.

2. The device will never be left unattended on the bus, in the cafeteria, in the gym or any other public place.

3. The device will not be used in or near proximity to water, household chemicals, or other liquids that could damage its electronic components.

4. The device will be protected from the environment to prevent rain, snow, ice, excessive heat, and/or cold.

5. Pencils, pen tips, and other pointed objects will never be used on the screen.

6. The device will be kept away from siblings and pets at all times.

7. Parents and students agree to return the device and all components to the school in the same condition the device was issued to the student.

BISD assigns to Student the use of the following equipment and accessories:
*Students are required to purchase a usage / technology protection plan for their iPad/Chromebook for an annual fee of $10 for BMS Chromebooks / $25 for BHS Chromebooks.

*Devices must be protected by a provided case or a case that meets the District required specifications at all times. If a device is damaged while in a non-District case, an additional $40 fee will be charged.
*More than one (1) occurrence of loss, theft or damage in 30 days will be interpreted as neglect.
**The costs of any other parts needed for repairs will be based on the manufacturer's current price list.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities and Permissions

I am authorizing the assignment of a mobile device to my child. I understand that the device is to be used as a tool for learning and that my child will comply with the BISD Responsible Use Guidelines. I understand the three-layer approach when my child is using the device. I will help ensure the safe and timely return of the device within the loan period. I also understand that I am financially responsible for any willful, malicious, or accidental damage to the device. I understand that my child may lose future loan privileges of the device if it is either damaged or not returned in a timely manner.

Student Responsibilities and Permission

I agree to take care of the device while it is in my possession. I will not throw, drop, or damage it in any way. I will not give the device to another student for his/her use. I will use the device in the appropriate manner. I agree to return the device in good condition at the conclusion of the loan period.

Fair Market Value (3rd-11th Grade Year 1 and 12th Grade is Year 2)
Acceptable Use Policy



Transforming learning to inspire ALL students in an ever-changing world.


The school, as a learning community, will create a highly engaging, purposeful, and authentic learning environment by:

Building a learning environment that integrates interactive instructional practices that fully prepare all students for a digital and global society.

Preparing students for success in all post-secondary opportunities.

Burkburnett ISD will continually create a digitally accessible learning environment by:

Developing a comprehensive digital anywhere, anytime learning environment through the integration of differentiated professional development, cutting-edge technological tools, and supportive infrastructure (including hardware/software and human capital).

Creating a district-wide expectation for ethical digital citizenship that fosters freedom within a safe learning environment.


The 4 Behaviors of a BISD Digital Citizen
Student Acceptable Use Policy
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
Consequences for Inappropriate Use
Emergency Plan
Personal Technology Devices
Student/Parent iPad User Agreement
Warranty, Loss and Damage
Items not covered by warranty
Mobile theft management
Fair market value
Table of estimated repair/damage costs
Financial hardships
Terms of Agreement
Use of iPad/Chromebook on Network
General iPad/Chromebook Rules
Prior to receiving an iPad/Chromebook device
Inappropriate content
Use for non-school related purposes
Deleting apps
Music, books, apps
Recording feature and camera
No loaning or borrowing iPads/Chromebooks
Setting security passcodes
Modification of the iPad/Chromebook
iPads/Chromebooks are required each day in class
Indemnity Provision

The 4 Behaviors of a BISD Digital Citizen

Be- Safe
Do not share private information such as your full name, address, birthday, social security number, passwords, family information and other personal information.
Visit age appropriate websites.
Avoid conversations with strangers.

Be- Appropriate
What happens on the internet could be there forever. Pictures, messages, texts, web-sites, videos, and chats can all be retrieved. These digital records could be shared resulting in a “digital footprint” that does not go away.
Always consider your reputation before you send, view, or search.
Create a digital footprint that you are proud to share.

Be- Responsible
Monitor how much time you spend in front of the screen.
Show others respect when using their ideas or work by giving them credit, just as you should expect others to treat your ideas.
Utilize the digital world to create greater educational opportunities.

Be- a Good Citizen
Kindness to others, even when they cannot see you, is always expected.
Good citizens are supportive and encouraging of others both while at school and away.
Report citizens that are not demonstrating good citizenship.
Help your parents grow in their understanding of the digital world and give them reasons to trust and support you.

Student Acceptable Use Policy as referred to in Board Policy CQ (LEGAL)

Burkburnett Independent School District provides a variety of electronic communications systems for educational purposes.

The electronic communications system is defined as the District’s network (including the wireless network), servers, computer workstations, mobile technologies, peripherals, applications, databases, online resources, Internet access, email, and any other technology designated for use by students, including all new technologies as they become available.

System users and parents of students with access to the District's computer network should be aware that users will be provided access via the Internet to other electronic communications systems in the global electronic network that may contain inaccurate and/or objectionable material. While the District will take reasonable steps to restrict access to such material, it is not possible to absolutely prevent such access. In  addition, the smooth operation of the network relies upon the proper conduct of end users who must adhere to guidelines. These guidelines are provided so that users are aware of the responsibilities they are about to acquire.

This also includes any access to the Burkburnett ISD electronics system while on or near school property, in school vehicles and at school-sponsored activities, and includes the appropriate use of district technology resources via off-campus remote access. Please note that the Internet is a network of many types of communication and information networks, including Web 2.0 resources (Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, etc.), and is part of the district’s electronic communications systems. Web 2.0 applications offer a variety of 21st Century communication, collaboration, and educational creativity opportunities. In a 21st Century school system, technologies, the Internet, and Web 2.0 tools are essential.

Burkburnett ISD uses certain cloud-based (online) applications, meaning applications (such as Google Apps for Education or online grade books) that allow authorized individuals to access student information, including assignments and grades, through the Internet for school-related purposes.

In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, Burkburnett Independent School District educates staff and students regarding appropriate online behavior to ensure Internet safety, including use of email and Web 2.0 resources, and has deployed filtering technology and protection measures to restrict access to inappropriate content such as those that are illegal, harmful, or contain potentially offensive information. While every effort is made to provide the most secure and optimal learning environment, it is not possible to absolutely prevent access (accidental or otherwise) to inappropriate content.

It is each student’s responsibility to follow the guidelines for appropriate and acceptable use.

Web 2.0 Tools

Student 13 or younger: For students under the age of 13, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) states that a school district should maintain a list of the websites and online services appropriate for educational use it has consented to on behalf of the parent BISD maintains an approved list of suggested classroom digital tools at: BISD will always require students to use digital tools or apps in a way that is consistent with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Parents may deny access to the BISD approved list of digital tools by notifying their child’s campus administrator in writing.

General Guidelines
1. Users shall not use the system for unlawful purposes, commercial activities, financial gain, or fraud.
2. Users shall not take or post photos, videos or audio recordings of others without their prior permission.
3. No user activity or data on District issued systems should be considered private by any user.
4. Data stored on District issued systems by students may be deleted at the conclusion of each school.
year. Students should make a backup on removable media of any data they want to preserve.
5. Data stored on District issued systems by employees will generally be accessible to the following school.
year. However, employees should backup all data they want to preserve both periodically as well as at the conclusion of each school year.

Online Use
1. The individual for whom an account is issued will be responsible at all times for its proper use.
2. Users may not use another person’s account, attempt to discover another user’s password, nor reveal
their own password to anyone.
3. Users may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to restricted systems, websites, or resources.
4. Users shall not access, create, store, or transmit information or materials that are abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation, or illegal.
5. Visits to objectionable sites on the Internet or accessing any other inappropriate material may result in suspension or revocation of system privileges. Any user who gains access to inappropriate material is expected to discontinue the access as quickly as possible and report the incident to their teacher, supervisor, or the technology director.
6. Users shall not deliberately annoy or harass others using a District device, network, or account.
7. Users shall not intentionally erase, rename, modify, or damage data belonging to others.
8. Reproducing another student’s work (in part or in whole) for purposes of academic cheating is classified as plagiarism/forgery and may result in the suspension or revocation of system privileges as well as other consequences consistent with the Student Code of Conduct.
9. Users shall use the Burkburnett ISD computer network resources primarily for instructional or administrative purposes. Users shall be permitted limited personal use as appropriate if such use does not impose a tangible cost to the District, does not unduly burden the District’s computer or network resources, does not adversely affect the student’s academic performance or employee’s job performance, and does not
violate any other element of the Acceptable Use Agreement.

Hardware & Software Use
1. Use of non-District owned devices on the District’s secure network is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from the technology director.
2. Users shall not utilize a hotspot device or enable the hotspot feature of a personal device at school.  Such devices can interfere with the District’s network and bypass Internet safety systems.
3. Users shall not install, tamper with or relocate fixed computers, printers, phones, access points or other associated system equipment without authorization from the technology director.
4. Vandalism or damage to equipment arising from excessively irresponsible behavior will require restitution for costs associated with system restoration, hardware, or software costs as well as other appropriate consequences.
5. Software may not be installed on any device maintained by the District (other than those from the Apple App Store or Chrome web store) without authorization from the District’s technology director.
Additionally, no District-owned software may be copied or installed on any non-District devices except where licensing agreements allow for dual use privileges and only with prior authorization from the technology director.
6. Users may not delete or modify system-wide files or settings.
7. Users shall not write, produce, generate, copy, propagate, or attempt to introduce any computer code designed to self-replicate, damage, or otherwise hinder the performance of any computer’s memory, file system, or software. Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt system performance are violations of District policy and may constitute criminal activity under applicable state and federal laws.

Electronic Communications
1. Electronic mail (e-mail) is not private. Network administrators have access to email and messages may be subject to Open Records Act requests (whether sent using District email or third party email).
2. Access to District electronic mail shall be password protected if stored on a personal electronic device (such as smartphone, tablet, etc.)


Students must only open, view, modify, and delete their own computer files.

Internet and device use at school must be directly related to school assignments and projects.

Students will be assigned individual email and network accounts and must use only those accounts and passwords that they have been granted permission by the district to use. All account activity should be for educational purposes only.

Students must immediately report threatening messages or discomforting Internet files/sites to a teacher.

Students must at all times use the district’s electronic communications system, including email, wireless network access, and Web 2.0 tools/resources to communicate only in ways that are kind and respectful.

Students are responsible at all times for their use of the district’s electronic communications system and must assume personal responsibility to behave ethically and responsibly, even when technology provides them freedom to do otherwise.

Students will use BISD guest wifi access for filtering purposes on Bring Your Own Technology devices.


Wireless Hotspots not provided by BISD are prohibited on the BISD network.

Using the district’s electronic communications system for illegal purposes including, but not limited to, cyberbullying, gambling, pornography, and computer hacking.

Disabling or attempting to disable any system monitoring or filtering or security measures.

Sharing usernames and passwords with others; and/or borrowing someone else’s username, password, or account access.

Purposefully opening, viewing, using or deleting files belonging to another system user without permission.

Taking or posting photos, videos or audio recordings of others without their prior permission.

Electronically posting personal information about one’s self or others (i.e., addresses, phone numbers, and pictures).

Downloading, streaming, or plagiarizing copyrighted media without permission from the copyright holder.
No software may be installed on any device maintained by the District (other than those from the Apple App Store or Chrome web store) without authorization.
Users should assume that all materials available on the Internet are protected by copyright. Downloading or streaming unauthorized copies of copyrighted movies and music (even via shared folders or Google Drive) is prohibited.

Intentionally introducing a virus or other malicious programs onto the district’s system.

Electronically posting messages or accessing materials that are abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation, or illegal.

Gaining unauthorized access to restricted information or network resources.


Cyberbullying is defined as the use of any Internet-connected device for the purpose of bullying, harassing, or intimidating another student. This includes, but may not be limited to:

Sending abusive text messages to cell phones, computers, or Internet- connected game consoles.

Posting abusive comments on someone’s blog or social networking site (e.g., Twitter or Facebook).

Creating a social networking site or web page that masquerades as the victim’s personal site and using it to embarrass him or her.

Making it appear that the victim is posting malicious comments about friends to isolate him or her from friends.

Posting the victim’s personally identifiable information on a site to put them at greater risk of contact by predators.

Sending abusive comments while playing interactive games.

Recording and distributing media with the intent to manipulate or embarrass others.


Appropriate disciplinary or legal action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and applicable laws including monetary damages.

Suspension of access to the district’s electronic communications system.

Revocation of the district’s electronic communications system account(s); and/or

Termination of System User Account: The district may deny, revoke, or suspend specific user’s access to the district’s system with or without cause or notice for lack of use, violation of policy or regulations regarding acceptable network use, or as a result of disciplinary actions against the user.

Possible criminal action.

During an emergency situation, students may only use their cell phones to contact 911. All other calls will be in violation of the AUP. Status, actions required, and official information will be communicated to parents and others by the District.


Possession and Use of Personal Telecommunication Devices, Including Mobile Telephones
For safety purposes, the district permits students to possess personal mobile telephones; however, these devices must remain turned off during the instructional day, including during all testing unless they are being used for approved instructional purposes. A student must have approval to possess other telecommunications devices such as netbooks, laptops, tablets, or other portable computers.
The use of mobile telephones or any device capable of capturing images is strictly prohibited in locker rooms or restroom areas while at school or at a school-related or school-sponsored event.
If a student uses a telecommunications device without authorization during the school day, the device will be confiscated.
First Offense – the school will confiscate the device for up to 10 days
Second Offense – the school will confiscate the device for 20 days with a $15.00 administrative fine due upon return
Third Offense – the school will confiscate the device and keep it for the remainder of the school year with a $15.00 administrative fine due upon return
Only the parent may pick up the confiscated telecommunications device from the principal’s office.
Confiscated telecommunications devices that are not retrieved by the student’s parents will be disposed of after the notice required by law. [See policy FNCE.]
In limited circumstances and in accordance with law, a student’s personal telecommunications device may be searched by authorized personnel. [See policy FNF for more information.]
Any disciplinary action will be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. The district is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen telecommunications devices.

Possession and Use of Other Personal Electronic Devices
Except as described below, students are not permitted to possess or use personal electronic devices such as MP3 players, video or audio recorders, DVD players, cameras, games or other electronic devices at school, unless prior permission has been obtained. Without such permission, teachers will collect the items and turn them in to the principal’s office. The principal will determine whether to return items to students at the end of the day or to contact parents to pick up the items.
In limited circumstances and in accordance with law, a student’s personal electronic device may be searched by authorized personnel.  
Any disciplinary action will be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. The district is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen electronic device.

Instructional Use of Personal Telecommunications and Other Electronic Devices
In some cases, students may find it beneficial or might be encouraged to use personal telecommunications or other personal electronic devices for instructional purposes while on campus. Students must obtain prior approval before using personal telecommunications or other personal electronic devices for instructional use. Students must also sign a user agreement that contains applicable rules for use (separate from this handbook). When students are not using the devices for approved instructional purposes, all devices must be turned off during the instructional day, unless the student’s campus administration has directed otherwise. Violations of the user agreement may result in withdrawal of privileges and other disciplinary action.

Texas Penal Code

§33.02. Breach of Computer Security

A person commits an offense if the person knowingly accesses a computer, computer network, or computer system without the effective consent of the owner.
An offense under this section is a Class B misdemeanor unless in committing the offense the actor knowingly obtains a benefit, defrauds or harms another, or alters, damages, or deletes property, in which event the offense is:
a Class A misdemeanor if the aggregate amount involved is less than $1,500
a state jail felony if:
the aggregate amount involved is $1,500 or more but less than $20,000; or
the aggregate amount involved is less than $1,500 and the defendant has been previously convicted two or more times of an offense under this chapter;
a felony of the third degree if the aggregate amount involved is $20,000 or more but less than $100,000
a felony of the second degree if the aggregate amount involved is $100,00 or more but less than $200,000; or
a felony of the first degree if the aggregate amount involved is $200,000 or more.

A person who is subject to prosecution under this section and any other section of this code may be prosecuted under either or both sections.

Student-Parent iPad/Chromebook User Agreement

NOTE: In this agreement "we ", "us ", and “our” means Burkburnett ISD and “you” and “your” means the parent/guardian and student enrolled in Burkburnett ISD. The “property" is an Apple iPad, or Dell Chromebook owned by Burkburnett Independent School District.

Terms: You will pay a nonrefundable deposit of $10 before taking possession of the Apple iPad, and $10 for BMS Chromebooks / $25 for BHS Chromebooks. If you paid a nonrefundable fee in order to be issued an iPad during the school year, the amount that you paid will be credited toward the amount required for your deposit this year.
You will comply at all times with the Burkburnett ISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, including the BISD Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to comply may terminate your rights of possession effective immediately, and we may repossess the iPad. Reference the following:


Title: At all times, the legal title to the device is maintained by Burkburnett ISD. Your right of possession and use is limited to and conditioned upon your full and complete compliance with this Agreement and the BISD Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

Electronic resources owned by the District should not be released to anyone including, but not limited to, law enforcement agencies. The District will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation concerning or relating to violations of computer crime laws.

You have no rights of confidentiality when using the devices. Contents of email, information regarding your internet usage, and network communications may be reviewed at the sole discretion of Burkburnett ISD. By signing this Agreement, you further acknowledge that Burkburnett ISD is required by law to comply with the Texas Public Information Act. As such, you agree to fully and timely comply with any and all directives issued by Burkburnett ISD in its efforts to comply with the Public Information Act. You further recognize that this may mean that email content, internet use history, network communications, and other similar information shall be releasable to third parties, if so required by law.

Warranty, Damage: You will be supplied with a basic warranty plan that is covered by your $10 for iPads / $10 for BMS Chromebook / $25 for BHS Chromebook nonrefundable fee.

Items not covered by warranty:
Lost, theft, neglect or deliberate damage of iPad/Chromebook
Cosmetic damages (scratches, normal wear, discoloration, etc.)
Preventative maintenance
Effects of normal wear and tear
Third-party products or effects that may damage iPad/Chromebook
Recovery of software or data
Damaged/lost Cover
USB Cable, Adapter, Charger

If the device and case are lost or stolen, the student is responsible for the reasonable cost of its fair market value on the date of loss. If a student's device is either lost or stolen, parents must report the loss or theft immediately to the Burkburnett Police Department at (940) 569-2231; staff members are available 24 hours per day seven days a week. A police report MUST be provided when an incident report is placed with the campus. Filing a police report does not absolve the parent of any financial responsibility. If the Superintendent or his designee, at his or her sole discretion, investigates and finds that there is substantial evidence that the device was lost or stolen due to criminal misconduct, the parent will be responsible for full reimbursement of the cost of replacement of the device. The decision of the Superintendent or his designee is final and non-appealable.
Fair Market Value*

Age of Device
1 year $325
2 years $200
3 years $140
4 years $100

Age of Device
1 year $300
2 years $250
3 years $200
4 years $150

While the $10 or $25 non-refundable fee covers accidental damage, it does NOT cover costs for every situation.

Table of Estimated Repair/Damage Costs

Lost/Stolen Equipment Cost
iPad 6 32GB
$50 for other issues
$100 for screen
$325 replacement
iPad Adapter-$15
iPad Lightning Cord-$15

$25 for other issues
$70 for screen
$30 for case
Chromebook Charger- $30
Hotspot- $80

*Device must be protected by a provided case or a case that meets the District required specifications at all times. If a device is damaged while in a non-District case, an additional $40 fee will be charged.
*More than one (1) occurrence of loss, theft or damage in 30 days will be interpreted as neglect.
**The costs of any other parts needed for repairs will be based on the manufacturer's current price list.
If you do not fully comply in a timely manner with all terms of this Agreement and the BISD Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy including the timely return of the property, Burkburnett ISD shall be entitled to retake possession of the device, even if the device is located at your place of residence or other location.
Term of Agreement
Your right to use and possess the device terminates the last day you are enrolled in Burkburnett ISD unless otherwise terminated earlier by Burkburnett ISD. You must immediately return the device upon graduation or withdrawal from Burkburnett ISD or upon request by the District (unless you have chosen to purchase your Chromebook upon graduation). If you will be returning to Burkburnett ISD the following school year, you may be permitted to keep the device during summer break. If at any time during the break, you no longer plan to return to the District, you must immediately return the device to Burkburnett ISD.
Your failure to return the property in a timely manner will be considered unlawful appropriation of the Burkburnett ISD property. This includes, but is not limited to, the failure to return the device immediately if you withdraw from the District or do not return to the District following summer break. Your continued use of the device for non-school purposes without our consent may also be considered unlawful appropriation of the District's property.

Use of devices on Network
Burkburnett ISD is committed to the availability of technology resources for student work. If you are experiencing problems with your device, you should be able to continue with class work. To assist in these situations, Burkburnett ISD will provide a device for temporary use provided that the device’s technical problems were not caused by or related to noncompliance with this policy.
The device affords limited electronic storage space. If you are lacking a sufficient amount of storage space on the device, you will be required to delete apps, music, photos, and so forth, in order to make necessary educational-related programs accessible.
You are encouraged to back up, duplicate or archive files to an independent storage space. It is recommended that students email documents to themselves for storage using alternative methods. You may also utilize “cloud” storage programs, which allow access to documents from other computers via the Internet. It is your responsibility to ensure that work is not lost due to mechanical failure, accidental deletion or re-imaging.
Internet Safety
There are many sites on the Internet that can be potentially dangerous to minors. Burkburnett ISD makes every effort to block these sites both inside and outside of the district by routing Internet traffic through the District’s content filter. You are in violation of district policy if you use software utilities or other means to access content blocked by school filters. Parents may want to further restrict their home access. For more information about Internet safety, you may go to

General device Rules:
Prior to Receiving a Device:
You are responsible for verifying that your student’s Active Directory login is valid. You can do this by logging into a desktop/laptop computer from within the district.
Inappropriate Content
Inappropriate content will not be allowed on district devices. (See BISD Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
Presence of pornographic materials, inappropriate language, weapon-related content, alcohol, drug, and/or gang related content will result in disciplinary action.
Use for Non-School-Related Purposes
School district computers, electronic devices, networks and Internet services are provided for purposes related to educational programs, school operations, and performance of job responsibilities. Limited personal use is permitted as long as such does not violate this policy, the accompanying rules, and the BISD Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

Sound will be muted at all times during class unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes.
Deleting Apps
iPads and Chromebooks will have security applications installed. Deletion of security-related apps is prohibited. Doing so may interfere with your ability to complete class work.

Music, Books and Apps
Music, books, and apps can be downloaded through appropriate district accounts. Content must be school appropriate and follow all terms of this Agreement and the BISD Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy. When devices are returned, you will lose all downloaded content unless it has been stored on “iCloud” or Google Drive.
Recording Feature and Camera
The device comes equipped with a microphone, front and, or rear-facing camera, and video capacities. It is best practice and common courtesy to ask permission before recording an individual or group. Burkburnett ISD retains the rights concerning any recording and/or publishing of any student or staff member’s work or image. You must obtain permission to publish a photograph or video of any school related activity. Unauthorized recordings are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with BISD Student Acceptable Use Policy.
No Loaning or Borrowing Devices
Do NOT loan devices or other equipment to other students.
Do NOT borrow a device from another student.
Do NOT share passwords or usernames with others.

Modification of the iPads and Chromebooks
You should NOT modify the device in a way that will permanently alter either physically and/or electronically other than instructed by an administrator or other school personnel.
You should NOT apply marks, stickers, or other decorations to supplied device cover unless you are willing to pay for the cover when you leave Burkburnett ISD.
You should NOT remove the supplied cover or screen protector from the device, unless you purchase replacement protective accessories comparable to that supplied by BISD.
Devices are Required Each Day in Class
You are required to bring fully charged devices to class.
When appropriate, Burkburnett ISD encourages you to take your device home at night for class work and recharging. All rules and regulations that are in effect during the school day extend to the use of the iPad and Chromebook at home.
Indemnity Provision
You shall defend, exempt, indemnify and hold harmless Burkburnett ISD, its officers, agents, servants, representatives and/or employees of and from any and all claims, suits, actions, legal proceedings, demands, damages or judgments, including all expenses, attorney fees, witness fees, costs, and costs and expenses of appeals therefrom, arising out of your use of the provided technology including, but not limited to, your intentional or negligent acts and/or omissions. This paragraph shall survive termination of this Agreement.


Student Agreement:

I understand that my use of the Burkburnett ISD electronic communication system is not private and that the Burkburnett ISD will monitor activity on the system.
I have read the district's Acceptable Use Policy and agree to abide by their provisions.
I understand that violation of these provisions may result in suspension or revocation of system access as well as appropriate disciplinary action.
I understand that my use of the Burkburnett ISD issued device is governed by the said agreement.
I have read the Student/Parent device user agreement and agree to abide by the provisions and terms.
I understand that non-compliance with the provisions and terms may result in suspension or revocation of the device as well as appropriate disciplinary or legal action and/or monetary fees.
During the upcoming school year your child may have the opportunity to participate in a LIVE educational videoconference(s). Through interactive videoconferences, students are able to take part in lessons and activities that they normally would not have the opportunity to experience due to distance and/or expense. Videoconferences are used to connect students with educators in a class setting.  Videoconferences could also take place at school and electronically connect your child’s classroom to a content provider (such as a museum, NASA, a university, etc.), to another educator, and possibly to another classroom with students somewhere in Texas or around the world. Since this event would be a live "broadcast", utilizing Zoom conferencing software or similar services, we request your approval and signature.

I understand that during an interactive videoconference my child's voice, physical presence, and participation in activities will be transmitted to distance learning sites and may be recorded for future use in an educational setting. I hereby authorize my child to participate in interactive videoconferences this school year and understand that my child's voice, presence, and participation in these events will not be a violation of his/her personal rights and hereby release any claims for use of such. I understand that my child should only attend video conferences that are created for educational purposes by BISD staff.   At no time are students allowed to transmit audio / video images outside classroom hours, to one another, or to anyone that is not a teacher or instructor with Burkburnett ISD.

Parent- I agree to all the acceptable use, device checkout, and video conferencing conditions. *
Student- I agree to all the acceptable use, device checkout, and video conferencing conditions. *
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