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On a scale of 1-5 (1 being not good 5 being great) what is your understanding of how your credit score works? *
Have you ever had a bad experience with credit?
Was credit a negative experience in your family while you were growing up? *
Why is credit important to you or not important to you? *
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Do you monitor your credit currently? *
In your current situation, would you consider owning a home or renting a homes as your best option? Explain *
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When, if ever, do you believe you would be ready to purchase a home? Why that time frame? *
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If you already own, when do you plan to sell? *
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Would you consider selling your home online if it was convenient and you thought you could save money? *
What is your expectation regarding someone helping you find a home, write an offer, negotiate, and help through the purchase process? *
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Would you ever purchase a home without representation - Online and no Realtor involved if you could save money or get paid to not use someone? *
What is your household income? *
How much money do you believe you need to have to purchase a home? *
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Are you aware of what your credit score may need to be to purchase a home? *
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