FISD Superintendent Search Community Survey
Please indicate all which apply to you:
If you are employed by Floresville ISD, please specify your position:
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Select from the list below the three most significant strengths of the District:
Select from the list below the three most important skills you would like to see in a superintendent:
Select from the list below the three most important characteristics you would like a superintendent to exhibit:
For each of the items below, indicate whether you believe the item is either extremely important, important, or not important:
Extremely Important
Not Important
Doctorate degree
Experience as a superintendent with a proven record of success
Experience as a superintendent in a district of similar size
Experience as an assistant superintendent
Experience as a district level administrator
Experience as a principal
Experience as a teacher
Experience in finance
Experience in personnel
Experience in instruction
Experience in facility construction and management
Experience with technology
Experience in a multi-cultural environment
Experience in strategic planning
Experience in the South Texas area
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What do you consider to be the three most important issues or concerns facing the District in the next five years?
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