GLEE In-Person Workshop Application Form
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This is a competitive application, not all teams will be selected. The basic requirements to be a part of this workshop are below. Teams will be selected based on their answers to this application. This application is separated into several sections and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please plan accordingly as you are unable to save your progress.

The Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone (GLEE) is a mission to land 500 LunaSats on the Moon in 2023. This mission is led by Colorado Space Grant Consortium at the University of Colorado, Boulder. GLEE is hosting an in-person workshop for students to work hands-on with their very own LunaSat. The workshop is October 21 - 24, 2021 in Boulder, Colorado. The workshop will start at 6:00 PM on Thursday, October 21 and conclude at 1:00 PM on Sunday, October 24. All times are Mountain time zone. In this live workshop, we will walk through 10 modules to learn about and use the LunaSat. Additionally, there will be guest speakers who will present on different topics relating to the Moon and NASA's Artemis Mission.

The team lead should be the only one who fills out this application, more information on this in "application outline" below.
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Below are the 10 requirements to apply and participate in the GLEE workshop in October. Do not proceed if you do not meet all these requirements.
1. Complete the application by September 29, 2021 at 12 PM MDT
2. Ability to be present for all days of the in-person workshop in October
3. 18 years or older
4. A high school or college student (high school student(s) required to have mentor present at the workshop)
5. Pay for and arrange all travel to and from Boulder, CO including the workshop location and hotel
6. Teams no larger than 3 people / individuals
7. Have and identify a team lead
8. Identify and commit to having a mentor for the team from your institution (i.e. faculty, professor, etc.)
9. Have a plan for sharing your GLEE experience in your community
10. Be a U.S. person
Application Outline
This application is separated into several sections. Before you start this application read through what you will be asked to do and gather the information. The sections are ordered as follows:

1. Team Information
- If you're applying as a team, you will need the major/field of study and year in school of each team member.
- Identity your team lead. The team lead will be responsible for the communication with the GLEE team throughout this
application process. The team lead will fill out this form and submits it on behalf of the whole team. If you are applying as an
individual, you are the team lead.

2. Team Mentor
- Select a team mentor - The role of the team mentor is to promote and support the team. This includes meeting with the team
at a minimum of one time before and one time after the workshop. Additionally, the mentor is receiving information about
GLEE and supporting their team however their team needs it. In order to successfully complete the application, the team
mentor must complete and submit a separate Mentor Acknowledgement Form. The Mentor Acknowledgement must be
completed by September 13th, 2021.

3. Team Experience
- Identify on a scale of 1-10 how familiar your team is with coding, Arduino, electrical circuits, and sensors

4. Short Answer Questions
- In 1-3 sentences, why is your team interested in GLEE?
- What are you hoping to gain from your GLEE experience?

5. Community Service
- In 3-5 sentences, describe how you will share your GLEE experience after the workshop with your community?
- How many members of your community do you feel you will reach with this approach?

6. Acknowledgements
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