AMSA ARC Officer Elections for the 2019-2020 School Year

Interested in becoming an AMSA ARC Officer?

We are looking for passionate, committed individuals who would like to play an active role in AMSA ARC by becoming Chapter Officers. The deadline to submit the application is April 30, 2019 at 11:59 pm, and interviews will be on May 3, 2019 starting at 8:00 am in Chemistry Lecture Hall Rm 420.

All officer positions are open. Here they are along with their specific duties:

1. The President shall:
· Preside over all general membership and special meetings.
· Appoint committees and serve as ex-officio (non-voting) of said committees.
· Assist the treasurer in the preparation of a budget for his or her term of office by August 1.
· Carry out assignments and instructions to the office of the president.
· Inform the advisor of the activities and keep him/her informed.
· Call regular or executive meetings.
· Be the chief spokesperson/representative for the organization.
· Have executive privilege to enact any order(s), and expenses that requires emergency action.
· Report any executive orders to the Executive Board and general membership within 30 days.

2. The Executive Vice President shall:
· Be an aide to the President.
· Assume the duties of the President in case of the absence of the President.
· Oversee the coordination of all projects under the direction of the President.
· Be official record keeper of officer attendance.
· Oversee, assist, and direct all other officers.
· Assist with tasks given by the President.

3. The Vice President of Finance shall:
· Present a budget and a tentative schedule of suggested fundraising activities for the finance of the chapter with approval needed by the President and the executive committee by August 1.
· Make sure the chapter does not assess any liabilities.
· See to the best of his/her abilities that money used on behalf of the chapter is used wisely and in a manner which suits the purposes of the chapter.
· Submit the budget to the executive board before the last day of the academic year.
· Oversee the fundraising and increase of funding for AMSA ARC.
· Solicit local businesses for donations as well as search for local or alternative fundraising opportunities.
· Expand fundraising opportunities to other ventures on campus.
· Assist with tasks given by the President.

4. The Vice President of Records shall:
· Keep a written record of all meetings (general membership meetings, executive, etc.) in order to provide the chapter with a record of issues discussed, problems posed, ideas raised, and the people who participated in the group discussion for the benefit of the chapter and its members.
· Generate minutes within 72 hours of meetings.
· Keep a current list of active members.
· Record minutes to be "open" to all members.
· In case of absence, have a substitute appointed for that day by any member of the executive committee.
· Take notes during physician speaker series and post them on the web.
· Collect attendee e-mail and contact info during meetings.
· Assist with tasks given by the President.

5. The Vice President of Information Technology shall:
· Develop and update the charter website.
· Be proficient in website design, including but not limited to, portfolio or other sites.
· Maintain the charter hosting account and web domain.
· Facilitate the exchange of information via the Internet between the chapter officers and members.
· Assist the President in implementing web-based strategies geared toward increasing chapter revenue and membership.
· Provide additional support to special chapter events by promoting them via dedicated home pages.
· Provide the officers and the President with the option of publishing chapter related material of their choice on the chapter website.
· Take responsibility for maintaining a high quality of content; hence take the liberty of correcting grammar, punctuation, and language clarity errors present in materials supplied by the chapter officers and the chapter President.
· Provide an email account for the chapter President as well as every chapter officer and assistant
· Maintain a current backup of the AMSA ARC website.
· Assist with tasks given by the President.

6. The Vice President of Public Relations shall:
· Generate posters, flyers, banners, letters, and press releases for AMSA ARC under the direction of the Executive Board.
· Serve as the spokesperson of AMSA ARC when the President or Vice-President are not available.
· Attend outreach events with ARC staff members and promote the AMSA ARC chapter.
· Assist with tasks given by the President.

7. The Vice President of Activities shall:
· Oversee and carry out all of the duties for special events, with the assistance of other officers and under the direction of the President.
· Centralize various activities and social events for the club.
· Organize and manage Club Day events and outreach opportunities to the ARC community.
· Assist with tasks given by the President.

8. The Vice President of Membership shall:
· Obtain a current list of active members in concordance with the Officer of Records.
· Notify members of the information that is received by the Officer of Public Relations.
· Recruit and retain members for the organization.
· Provide and obtain information for new members.
· Assist with tasks given by the President

9. The Vice President of Community Outreach shall:
· Discover opportunities to serve American River College and the local community.
· Centralize information regarding volunteer and various alternative opportunities of interest to AMSA ARC members.
· Assist with tasks given by the President.

So, Why Become an AMSA ARC Officer?

We are a nationally recognized chapter of the American Medical Student Association, or AMSA, which means that your officer activity at AMSA ARC will be backed up and documented in the national headquarters. This opportunity will strengthen your resume for healthcare school by contributing to your community through AMSA ARC.
Currently four of AMSA ARC's former officers are holding national pre-medical positions with AMSA. National officers are elected at AMSA's annual conferences by their peers; those who made the cut in the past ran on their community service and chapter involvement record (consequently, our alumni depended heavily on their AMSA ARC work to make their case on Election Day). There is no reason why you shouldn't be next to take up a national leadership position -- get involved with AMSA ARC to build an impressive resume!

How do I apply?

- Register above and complete the application by April 30, 2019 at 11:59 pm.
- Prepare to answer our current officers' questions at the interview on May 3, 2019.
- Selections will be announced on or before the following Friday, May 10th, via e-mail.
*NOTE: What you write in your application will be read by all officers before your presentation, and you are expected to dress professionally for your interview. If you wish to send us a resume or letters of recommendation, we must receive them by April 24, 2019. Please send them to

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