The One Minute Project Risk Assessment (OMPRA)
Welcome to our One Minute Project Risk Assessment (OMPRA) tool that aims to rapidly mesure your specific project risks. Your data will be kept confidential and merely used for research purposes. OMPRA will deliver you by email a concise analysis of your risks and opportunities related to your project.
This tool is designed by Minimarisk Gmbh ( using Google Form and Google Apps Script. Minimarisk is specialized in Business Development Consulting and Financing, offering also business consulting services in the domain of project management needs.
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1. How appropriate is the choosen project methodology for your project ? *
How well does the choosen methodology (eg agile, lightweight, spiral, prototyping, etc) fit in the given project. (1=low, 10=high).
2. How do you rate the level of your final customer involvement in your project ? *
How deeply is the final customer involved with you. How many walkthroughs, pilots, user reviews, feedbacks do you have as an interaction with the final customer. (1=low, 10=high).
3. Do you make any use of formal project management practices ? *
Such as plans, budgets, quality and risk reports, milestones. (1=low, 10=high)
4. How similar is this specific project to other projects that you have previously managed ? *
Familiarity of constraints, and how much can you re-use (eg plans, code, experienced people) from past projects. (1=low, 10=high).
5. How do you rate the project simplicity (lack of complexity is 10) ? *
Organizational (eg amount people involved) and/or technical complexity (amount of subsystems and sub-applications).(1=low, 10=high).
6. How stable are the project requirements ? *
Volatility of the requirements according eg business and customer situation. (1=low, 10=high).
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