Mystery Tournament 15 Contact Form
Fill out this form to complete your registration for Mystery Tournament 15, and provide contact information for other players to schedule their races with you. Sign-ups will remain open until September 15th, 2020, with the start of the tournament scheduled for October 1st, lasting until December.

The tournament bracket will be organized via Challonge, and you are required to sign up for that at

You are expected to submit at least two (2) games to the pool of possible Mystery Tournament 14 races, using this form:

Submission Status and general registration completion can be viewed at the following link:

More information can be found at our official website, and any questions may be directed to BlasphemousRoar or any of the other moderators on our Discord server at
SpeedRunsLive Username *
e.g. Mr_E. If you have never raced or registered on SpeedRunsLive before, please sign up by following the guide here:
Preferred pronoun.
Discord Username
e.g. MisterE#0547. Using Discord is not strictly required for entry, but the primary bulk of organization and communication will be handled using it, so it is strongly suggested to join our server at
Twitter Account
e.g. @MistTree
What Time Zone are you in? *
Please Add Any Additional Comments
Information about when your usual availability is, or specific preferences on being contacted. As a reminder, this will be posted on a publicly available spreadsheet for other player's reference in scheduling with you.
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