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(Give a brief description of what you did.  For example:  Attended a chapter meeting, wrote Senator xyz, gave a talk to xyz, et cetera.)

Activist - Contacted peers about the climate crisis.  Includes public protest /rallies /marches /door knocking /phone banks, etc.  

Advocate - Non-Partisan Lobbying of decision makers / public officials / leaders

Attended Event - Attended chapter meeting or event / chapter leadership meeting / national TCRP event / or event sponsored by other groups.

Communicator - Gave a speech or presentation; conducted a workshop;
verbally shared your knowledge with others in a live session.

Content Creator - Authored and posted/published written materials, podcasts, blogs, videos, guides, instructions, created presentations

Creating Other Resources - Worked on creating resources beyond those listed
for "Content Creator". This includes props, music, software, and other resources

Mentor - Mentored

Research or Study = Work done primarily for the purpose of learning more or compiling information about a field or specific topic. Can include a class, but EXCLUDES listening to a speaker (which can be listed under Attend_Event).

OTHER WORK = This includes anything not covered by the other categories. e.g.: Organizing, leading, planning a project or event. Any work on the project. Any work before or during an event. It also includes chapter operations, finding & scheduling speakers, outreach and initiatives.

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