Ham Radio Village (HRV) DEF CON 30® CFVE
We are looking for people to help us VE the Ham Radio Village testing sessions at DEF CON 30!

If you've been looking to give back to the amateur radio community, this is a great way to get others into the hobby by helping them get their license while at DEF CON!

Volunteer examiners (VEs) are the backbone of the HRV, and help extend the tradition of free amateur radio license testing at DEF CON conferences for years! Last year we've administered over 200 exams with the help of VEs.

You do not need to already be an accredited VEs to help! All those who volunteer will become a part of the HRV Laurel VEC VE team. As mentioned, exams are administered under the Laurel VEC, allowing everyone to take their exam free. The exam.tools software used for the actual exam taking/grading process. Therefore VEs are required to have a device able to connect to the internet and has a camera.

All those who contribute to the Ham Radio Village are entitled to a benefactor membership within the HRV, which waves membership dues into our happy little ham radio club. Additional vectors of thanks are also in the works currently for DEF CON.

If you would like to help us, then fill out the form and we'll get in touch with you based off of your application!

Please note that this is NOT the call for village staff, that form may be found on the HRV website, hamvillage.org with the other forms.

Badges are available for those who may request one, but are on a first come-first serve basis based on time of submittal for your application, and anticipated contribution. The HRV receives a limited amount of badges to give to presenters/staff/VEs to allow those who may not have been to attend DEF CON.

Once we process all responses/establish VE, we'll get in touch with you with regards to session and VE scheduling.

If you have any questions/concerns, contact one of the village officers on the HRV Discord server: discord.gg/hrv or email hrv@n8fcc.com
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