Will's Hope Charity Application

Welcome to Will's Hope! It is our pleasure to serve the incredible needs of families with children in medical crisis (CMC). We believe and know that it’s people that matter most and that caring for someone in need is a simple expression of love. We're excited that you've logged on to check us out. Our desire is to serve your families practial, emotional and spiritual needs. Our passion is to reach stressed out, weary, and overwhelmed families to empower them, encourage the healing of their child, and to restore their hope allowing you to focus on staying close, strong, and hopeful during your child's medical crisis. We believe that when hope is alive all things are possible and intend on sharing that confident expectation with you!

Who Is Will

Will's Hope is inspired by Will (Pictured above) and his family. Will endured two open heart surgeries before his second birthday and his family knows what it's like to stay close and positive during medical struggles. In fact Will's Mom, Abby, is a member of the Board of Directors here at Will's Hope and can definitely relate to you and your family right now. On behalf of Will, Abby and the rest of our organization we would like to thank you for inviting us into your families delicate situation and for allowing us to walk with you until the healing comes.

How to Apply

To apply for assistance, please complete this form along with your referring agent (Medical Professional, Social Worker or Referral Agency) and press the submit button below. Will's Hope Charity (WHC) must receive this completed form in order for you to be eligible for consideration of our services. You will be contacted after your application form has been reviewed. WHC will review all applications. You will not be discriminated against or denied aid because of your race, religion, national origin, gender, disability or political affiliation. All applications will be reviewed by WHC on a case-by-case basis and final determination will be made based upon adherence to the guidelines in our founding documents and the availability of funds/donated services. The information you provide to us will be held in confidence and used only in appropriate ways consistent with the reasons for which it was provided. The child/patient must be a citizens or lawful, permanent residents of the United States. Non-citizen residents applying for assistance must have and provide WHC with a photocopy (front and back) of their I-551 card (green card). WHC provides in-kind and financial assistance through the following categories. Applicants may receive assistance in these categories as child/patient needs. If applicants are eligible for assistance, WHC will provide such assistance “only” by directly paying vendors.
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Hope for families with children in medical crisis
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