Early Dropoff and Afterschool Registration
Please complete this form to register your student for the Johnson Afterschool Program. You will be sent a copy of your registration via email. Complete separate forms for each child. We will use contact information from our student database as your contact information.
If you would ever like to change the days that you utilize the program, or time that you pick up, please complete a new registration to replace your previous registration. See billing section below for additional information.
Aftercare is closed on 3 Holiday Early Release days - Thanksgiving, New Year's Break, Summer Recess.
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Tuition Payments
Families are billed 1/10 of the annual tuition at the start of the month. Rates are based on the number of days per week and the pickup time that the student is registered for. Tuition payments are due prior to the first day of the month. If there is an unpaid balance from the previous school year, please include this in your first payment, due on Friday, August 24th.
Changes in registration may be made with 30 days' notice, with tuition adjustment occurring at the start of the month following the 30 day period.
Drop-in care and care on days that the student is not registered for is permitted, at a rate of $30/day.
Late pickups will be charged at the rate of $.50/minute.
All payments may be made to Town of Nahant.
Early Morning Dropoff
1 day/wk = $250 2 days/wk=$500 3 days/wk=$750 4 days/wk=$1000 5 days/wk = $1250

Includes breakfast. Each additional sibling 1/2 of the initial rate.
Lunch Bunch for Preschool
$20/day - 11:30-2:15 - Students bring a lunch, or purchase one.
Annual Tuition Rates - Afterschool 4:15 Pickup
1 day/wk = $600 2 days/wk=$1200 3 days/wk=$1800 4 days/wk=$2400 5 days/wk = $3000

Each additional sibling 1/2 of the initial rate.
Annual Tuition Rates -Afterschool 5:30 Pickup
1 day/wk = $970 2 days/wk=$1940 3 days/wk=$2900 4 days/wk=$3880 5 days/wk = $4850

Each additional sibling 1/2 of the initial rate.
New or Updated Registration?
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Days Attending
Please select the days your student will attend. Monthly tuition is based on the number of days selected, and is pre-calculated based on a 180 day school year. The days that your student attends may be changed, and will take effect 30 days after written notice of this change is provided to the school office.
Days Attending
Care Program
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If "Yes," please describe.
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