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Hi there, you have been directed to the online sign-up section of our website for the YaleSA (formerly BTG & TTC) Winter School Program 2018.

Simply complete the form on the right and submit payment with your name and surname as the reference BEFORE 15 JUNE 2018. Give us a call once this has been completed on 061 427 1432 or email admin@yalesa.org

You are advised to read the course prospectus / pdf registration form before using this online signup (for pricing info etc.) which is available here:

The Winter School Program 2018 will be conducted 63 St Johns Road, Lansdowne and will commence on 25 June 2018. Venue details will be made available to you closer to the time.

Course Fees Calculation: Courses are priced according to the price for the specific program for which you choose to register. All courses are priced per subject. Please ensure that you calculate your course fees accurately. T&C E&OE.

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