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Psychodrama is essentially a group action method. This could be used in any business establishment in team building, conflict management, stress management, identifying and working with stress, improving communication, building trust, identifying issues etc. This method is a spontaneous and creative method which is used by well trained and certified psychodramtists who are usually called the Psychodrama director. A director enables or facilitates a re enactment of real life situations, past incidents or situations or an inner mental process but acting them out in the present time.

If you are working in a HR team, as a corporate trainer, team leaders, life coaches or mentors or if you are a psychotherapist/ counsellor - This training will give you additional tools to understand and build your team members or clients.

Delhi : 11th & 12th October
Mumbai : 21st & 22nd October
Madurai: 11th & 12th November

Time: 9.30 am to 4 pm

Trainer: Magdalene Jeyarathnam
Has extensive experience in working as a therapist. She does individual, couple and group therapy.

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