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What is the UTC timezone for where you will be coding from? (If unsure, just google "your-city timezone") Ex. Florida = -4 *
Are you learning coding full time? *
What tech-stacks are you familiar with using? (by familiar we mean you can build something with this, not just that you've heard of it before ;p) *
What tech-stack would you prefer to use in your Journey team project? (we can't guarantee your team will want to use the same stack but we'll try to optimally connect people in this way where we can :) ) *
w3Develops looks for: Enthusiasm & Friendliness
When you put super friendly people who share the same goals together, a lot of learning and finished projects happen.
Where are you on your coding journey? (roughly) We're using the FCC map as a basic gauge, but please use "other" if this doesn't apply for you :) *
Have you completed a project before? (complete means you can show someone the code or design work - a finished FCC or personal project are examples) *
A focus on building projects in teams instead of random tutorials with no accountability & nothing to show for it.
Please add url to a former project you've done (if you have anything to show we highly encourage you to add it here)
A focus on building projects in teams instead of random tutorials with no accountability & nothing to show for it. *
Not proficient
I'm a master!
Have you ever used Git/github in a team before? *
What level of commitment would you give to a W3Develops cohort if accepted? *
What is your gender? *
Have you ever been in a Build-to-Learn or dev team before? *
W3Develops looks for: Grit & Adaptability
The tech landscape is changing so fast and only going to increase its pace.

This means that the most important skill to have is not a particular Javascript framework or programming language, but the ability to adapt to changing environments and learn what is needed to solve the challenge and complete the project.

This is why we look for people who get excited by challenges and who will finish a project *regardless* of the challenges that arise (and challenges always arise).
If we asked your friends, how dependable in a team project do you think they'd rate you? * *
Not dependable at all.
VERY dependable
Would you prefer to work on a clone project or a new idea to create impact? *
Would you like to help improve the Build-to-Learn project experience? *
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In order to support teams better in the Cohort, we're going to check in with every member once a week via a short 3-5 question Check-in Form (5 minutes). If accepted, do you agree to fill this form out once a week for the duration of the cohort? (Note: due to the importance of being able to support teams, we will not accept people who say no to this question.)
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What are your favorite 3 interests? (Ex. Learning languages, coding, running) Note: We'll use this to help optimally organize teams. *
What did you study/work in before? Ex. Marketing, Computer Science, Writing, Nothing before coding * *
Do you have any interest in being a Project Manager for a Remote Dev Team? * *
What does success look like for you for this W3Develops Cohort? Ex. Learn team-development, meet some coder friends and finish a project! *
Where did you hear about the W3Develops cohorts? *
For past members - (OPTIONAL) I'd love your advice. We live for continuous improvement and believe we have an unique opportunity to create a collaboration "lab" on the web. What is one thing you'd do to improve W3Develops?
For past members: Please share anything you enjoyed about the cohorts here (so I can try to make sure that it continues to happen). It can be any thoughts, stories, features, etc. :)
If you have any extra notes or comments, please add them here. (ex. "I will be away the first week")
Thank you & have a wonderful day! We'll be reaching out to you soon to let you know! :) (P.s. make sure to click submit below)
Welcome to W3Develops!
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