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Wapello Community School District is currently changing our notification system. The district will phase out the School Messenger Service and begin using a calling and messaging system through Apptegy, this is the same company that developed our website and mobile app that we rolled out at the beginning of the school year. If your information is in Power School, it should automatically move over to Apptegy, but in the event that it does not, or your contact information is not tied to one of our students, you can still sign up to receive alerts from us. The calls will now originate from the phone number 319-527-1462. If you need to update your contact information, you can do that in Powerschool, or if you encounter problems, email Eric Small at eric.small@wapellocsd.org to have those numbers emailed to you. You may also call 319-527-1460 and receive the contact numbers we currently have on file for you.

If you are not receiving our Text Messaging, email, or Phone Notifications, please fill out this short 3 question form to have your information added to our notification lists. This information will be used to notify you of school wide events, early dismissals due to weather, or other important information that we want to push out to you in a timely fashion

Please fill out each of the questions below and we will use the information to populate our notification lists.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Eric Small at 319-527-1460 or by email at eric.small@wapellocsd.org

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