Senior Form for Villa Rica FUMC
Please fill out the following form for each senior. Thank you.
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We are honoring graduates on Sunday, May 13th. Please make plans to attend the service. As this is also Mother's Day, we will honor our mothers by celebrating some of their biggest accomplishments, their kiddos!
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The sermon for May 13th is going to consist of select seniors sharing a lesson that they have learned due to being a part of our church. Would your senior like to be a part of this group of seniors? *
The following questions provide some basic information I will reference when I call the seniors up to the front of the church to honor them on May 13th. This info will also be published in the bulletin for that Sunday.
What school is the senior graduating from? *
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What are their plans for the next several years following graduation? *
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If their plans include going to college, what field of study will they focus on?
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Finally, we will be showing a slide show during the service that consists of photos of each senior. Please upload 5 photos of your senior in the shared album located at the link below.
I understand that I need to upload 5 photos by April 29th at the following link for them to be included in the slide show. *
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