We Need To Hire An Intern!
StartingBlock is hosting its inaugural "StartUp Intern Summit" and we'd love for you to join! We are looking for employers who are willing to offer paid internships/part time positions for anywhere between 15-20 hours each week for the spring semester.

So if you're a local early to mid stage startup company here in Madison and interested in bringing on an intern in please fill out the questionnaire below to tell us a little about yourself and what you're looking for in the ideal intern.

First name
Last name
Phone number
Company URL
Company address
Please tell us about your company and we'd like to know as much as possible including company size, information about the product/software, funding and projected future growth of the company.
Anticipated number of interns needed.
What skillsets are most desirable from the intern?
How many hours each week will the intern be working?
Identify the three most important objectives / scope of work that the intern will focus on.
If you have an internship job description, upload that here.
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