Pullman ArtWalk Artist Registration Form
May 12-13, 2017

General Guidelines:

1. All mediums, skill levels, and forms of expression are welcome. Works of art by local artists are encouraged but not required. The Pullman Arts Commission has final say on all entries.

2. The host business, artist/participant, and/or volunteer agrees that the City of Pullman, the Pullman Arts Commission and all associated sponsors, its employees and volunteers are not responsible for the contents, facilities or individuals associated with ArtWalk.

3. Every participant must sign this agreement to hold the City of Pullman, the Pullman Arts Commission and all associated sponsors harmless, defend, and indemnify and agree to its terms (on page three of this form).

4. All Artist/Participants or their representative must retrieve their work from the Host Business within 48 hours of the conclusion of ArtWalk or an agreed upon time with the host business. If not collected, the art will become property of the City of Pullman.

5. An artist participation fee of $15 will be assessed for each participant. If artists are participating as a collective group, the $15 fee will cover the entire group. If artists choose, they may donate a work of art in lieu of paying the participation fee. All collected works will be used in a fundraising event to support the arts in Pullman.

Registration and fee or work of art must be received by April 11. Paper registration forms and/or checks/cash must be dropped off or mailed to the Pullman Arts Commission:
Pullman Arts Commission
c/o Neill Public Library
210 N. Grand Ave
Pullman, WA 99163

The ArtWalk information packet can be downloaded at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CX41tK6JJ44ZFtEznKjt9P49inzZ7UwA-sXfelzuNlY/pub

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