2021-2022 BEES PTA Board
We are looking for volunteers for the 2021-2022 BEES PTA Board.

We know this seems early, but if we know who is interested now, you can start shadowing the current board member... it's great way to try it out and learn what PTA is all about.

We are very hopeful that next year, we will be able to hold ALL our usual events like -- Buzz Fest, Hive Hustle, Field Day, Bike Rodeo, and so much more!! Please consider joining the team and help us bring the PTA back into full swing!

Lots of Volunteers means Less Work, More Fun, and Better Results for Ellison!!
We need you!
The number one reason people don't volunteer is because no one asked them. Well, we are asking for you to be involved! Your time and knowledge is needed and wanted by our staff and students. The diversity of our community and the experiences you can share with our students is valuable to the school and the children. Volunteering at your child's campus may be one of the most important, life-altering things you can ever do for your child. Whether it's a little time or a lot of time, on campus or at home mom, dad or grandparent, WE NEED YOU! We could not do it without each of you!
Officer & Board Positions / Committees
Below is a list of the BEES PTA Board Positions / Committees.

The BEES PTA Board meets 5 times during the school year. Some positions are for a single event and others have ongoing responsibilities throughout the year. There's something for everyone.

If you have questions before selecting a position, please e-mail BEESPTABoard@gmail.com or talk with one of our current Board Members (http://ellison.my-pta.org/content.asp?PageID=11). Thank you in advance for your interest.
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Ellison and making a difference at your child's school!
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