Olds College High School Counsellor Retreat 2020
Olds College would like to invite you to our second annual High School Counsellor Retreat!
Come experience a (FREE!!) professional development opportunity for high school teachers, counsellors & career practitioners in a unique, world-class educational environment.

The High School Counsellor Retreat 2020 will include:

Tuesday, June 23
Welcome Reception in the Wetlands - 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Stay the night in our beautiful residence building, Centennial Village.
*Please note, these are optional activities but are free of charge and highly recommended!

Wednesday, June 24
- Breakfast
- Olds College Update
- Keynote Speaker
- Lunch
- Interactive "Try a Program" Campus Tour
*Our day will begin at approx. 8:00am and should be finished no later than 4:00pm.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the new and exciting things happening at Olds College, while also participating in meaningful discussions, networking and professional development….we hope that you’ll join us!

PLEASE NOTE: There is no cost to this event other than getting yourself to Olds College!
Welcome to Olds College!
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