Application for Team Sports Therapist
Application for Team Sports Therapist
Team Scotland Roller Derby are heading to the Women's Roller Derby World Cup, being held in Manchester U.K., in February 2018. We are looking for a Sports Therapist to join our Team to support our skaters at training sessions leading up to and including the World Cup itself.

The successful applicant will be invited to attend all Team Scotland training sessions with expectation the applicant would then travel with the Team to Women's Roller Derby World Cup. Treatments should be communicated with coaching staff during training sessions, any treatments to be given need to be discussed with coach/manager as to when to give treatments (ideally pre-sessions) so not to exclude skater from sessions.
Essentials (skills) required
Relevant qualifications for sports massage therapy.
Currently practicing.
Own insurance.
First Aid.
Experience with contact sports.
Taping (not essential).
Functions within the Team (non-exhaustive)
Co-ordinate assessment and management of injuries during training sessions and games.
In consultation with head coach(es), event medical staff & head official on participation clearance.
Know as much about the fitness/injury history of skaters.
Manages time with skaters to ensure maximum exposure to the team.
Be available to skaters requiring advice out with training sessions.
Within the application we would expect to see:
Certificate of current competency.
Experience relative to this position.
Experience with roller derby/contact sports.
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Relevant Qualifications *
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