Survey: What electronic health record (EHR) are you using?
Survey for the hospital-practice acupuncturist community. Date started: 6.6.2019.
Goal: understand which EHR systems the community is using and any feedback about how that is working well or what the challenges are
How will this info be used?
If there is a good response rate (50% or more of the community responds) the de-identified data will be used in a blogpost summary. If there are common concerns or issues reported, that will be added to our outline of issues to address in the future "Issues in Hospital Practice" community webinar/interview series. For more about this special Project series:
Survey: What EHR System are you using?
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What electronic health record (EHR) system do you use for outpatient documentation? *
If you do inpatient work, what EHR system do you use for inpatient documentation?
How long have you been using this system? *
What has been your experience of this documentation system? Pros, cons, challenges, etc. *
What other EHR systems have you used? How does that experience compare to your current system?
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What would that resource be worth? *
SAR conference query opportunity. Respond before Wednesday, 6/26.** I am attending the SAR conference at the end of June. I will attend the Thursday hospital-based practice sessions, which includes a session on EHR use. Please, if you will not be there, submit your questions for me to ask in section below. I will do my best to ask or submit them to the speaker(s). For more info on Thursday special session go here:
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