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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Eastern Oklahoma County Resource Center! We are seeking volunteers from the membership of our partner churches for the following roles:

A note from Staff: As we are getting our new facility off the ground, we have a big need of Advisors and Samaritans. These roles are essential to us being able to open the doors! As you sign up please consider saying yes to these crucial roles!
  1. Advisors - Public facing staff at the Center This position requires availability to commit to staffing the Center for open hours on at least a semi-regular basisAdvisors will meet with incoming clients (neighbors) at the Resource Center on a scheduled day. Listen to individual needs, advise on resources, communicate Jesus' love and encourage them in challenges they are facing. Advisors will also walk the neighbor through their first food distribution at the center. After the visit has concluded the advocate will forward each neighbor to a Samaritan.
  2. Samaritan - Volunteer on your own schedule. Does not require a commitment on a specific day or time. Samaritans will be assigned to a neighbor after the neighbor has visited the Center. About a week after their visit the Samaritan will reach out to the neighbor by phone or in person as they feel best. At that point, be willing to be an enduring advocate, friend, coach, mentor, resource- whatever the neighbor needs to help them through the difficulties they are facing that led them to us in the first place. Be prepared to act as assigned point of contact for our neighbors in need, to represent your home church and EOCRC, show the love of Christ through ongoing interaction with the neighbor, share the gospel in word and action, and invite the neighbor into your home church. Assist them in locating resources to meet needs, either through EOCRC or outside entities.
  3. Pantry Stocker- stocking food and maintaining inventory, may also gather donations from local stores or donation points.
  4. Food Drive Ambassador- engage local schools, churches, businesses and other entities to promote and collect food items for the EOCRC pantry.
  5. Grounds/Housekeeping- Help with keeping the grounds and facility clean
  6. Administrative - Backfilling the directors office for administrative functions. Please call your churches volunteer coordinator for more information on this. 


Current Advisor Shifts are:
Monday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Friday 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Current Pantry Stocking hours are Thursday 9AM-12PM

If you have a block of time outside of these current slots that you would be interested in serving please indicate that in the availability section. As our services grow, change, and expand knowing potential availability will help guide our decisions. 

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Volunteers need to be a member in good standing with a partner church and meet their churches requirements for volunteering in order to fill advisor or Samaritan roles. Volunteers from other and unaffiliated are welcome but may be limited to other roles.
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**NOTE** Food Drive Ambassadors and Samaritans will work on a schedule that works for them, with the exception of training or special events as needed. If you cannot work one of the Advisor shifts this may be a spot for you!
Other information
If you answered other above, please provide information on any other way that you feel you may be able to serve with the EOCRC ministry. Special skill sets such as councilor, social worker, freight moving equipment, etc. Or if willing to help with things such as grounds or house keeping.
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