SNAP Survey
Millions of Americans use SNAP (food stamps) to help make ends meet. Yet many still don't have enough food to make it through the month, even when they receive benefits.

This survey is to gather information and stories from people in Pennsylvania who receive SNAP. We want to hear about the help SNAP provides and its shortcomings. Congress is now considering a temporary increase to SNAP benefits to help with the current crisis (a 15% increase, or, about $76 per month for a family of three that receives the maximum benefit). Your feedback can help us push to make this happen!

If you enter your phone number or email address, we may contact you to hear more about your story.

DEADLINE: July 8th

Thank you!
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1. Please enter your zip code
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2. How many people are in your household? *
3. Does your household include children under the age of 18? *
4. Does your household include anyone over the age of 60? *
5. Does your household include anyone with a disability? *
6. What ethnicity/race(s) do you identify with? *
7. For how long have you been receiving SNAP (food stamps)? *
8. Do you receive the maximum SNAP amount for your household size? (See chart below) *
Note: we are asking about your regular SNAP benefit you get in the beginning of the month, not counting the extra SNAP amount that some families receive in the second half of the month because of the pandemic.
SNAP Maximum Benefits
9. How often have you run out of food by the end of the month while receiving SNAP (food stamps)? *
10. If you have run out of SNAP before the end of the month what resources did you use? *
11. Can you tell us about a time when you didn't have enough food money to last you through the month? What happened?
12. How would it help you/your family if you received more SNAP (food stamps) money than you do now?
13. Is there anything you would like the government officials who run SNAP (food stamps) to know?
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